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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Super Bowl Edition

Don't you love these?

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The NFL season has finally come to a close and the world is now starving for football content, I suppose. How about directing your full attention to the draft? The Eagles are enduring a strange and frustrating offseason to this point, so at least we can talk about potentially adding some stars in the future. Let's be optimistic! Remember; these mocks are not prediction, just what I would do based on my evaluations and understanding of team needs:

  1. Tennessee Titans- Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss: The Titans' offense was a wreck last season outside of a few bright moments from Marcus Mariota. Laremy Tunsil is a blue chip offensive linemen who completely change the makeup in the trenches for Tennessee. When you have a franchise quarterback, the number one priority has to be to protect him.

  2. Cleveland Browns- Joey Bosa, DL, Ohio State: With no quarterback worth investing in this high, the Browns should add the second best player in the draft because there is a serious talent drain on their defense. Bosa can play in any scheme and can be an impact starter from day one. The Browns will probably draft another center.

  3. San Diego Chargers- Jalen Ramsey, DB, FSU: The Chargers defense is bereft of great athletes and most of their secondary will look like Madden generated names next season besides Jason Verrett once Eric Weddle leaves. Enter Jalen Ramsey, who can play corner or either safety position at a very high level. He has the perfect blend of athletic ability, size, versatility and attitude to change the face of the Chargers' defense.

  4. Dallas Cowboys- Ezekiel Elliot, RB, OSU: As much as I would like the Cowboys to pass over the premium talent in this class to take a chance on a quarterback, that would be a most unwise thing to do. The Cowboys offense was putrid last season, mostly because of Tony Romo's absence, but also because the lack of playmakers on offense besides Dez Bryant. Elliot is an elite running back prospect and putting him behind that offensive line sounds like every nightmare I've ever had.

  5. Jacksonville Jaguars- Noah Spence, EDGE, EKU: The Jaguars' defense has been a total embarrassment under Gus Bradley and the defensive line has the depth and talent level of you average middle school flag football team. It is important the Jaguars add a great edge rusher and freak athlete tho this group to bring the mean talent to about mediocre. Pairing Spence with a returning Dante Fowler next season may actually make the Jaguars' front seven formidable, maybe.

  6. Baltimore Ravens- Mackenzie Alexander, CB, Clemson: The Ravens have a lot of holes, but they must consider upgrading a woefully untalented secondary. Mackenzie Alexander has a totally pro ready skill set and could step in and be the Ravens best defensive back next season. Ozzie does it again!

  7. San Fransisco- Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor: The 49ers offense sucked last season. Vernon Davis was ineffective and was then traded, Anquan Boldin is old and slow enough to be your dad and Torrey Smith cannot catch or even get open that much. That, paired with the 49ers inexplicably giving Blaine Gabbert playing time made that unit unbearable to watch. They desperately need to add a playmaker. Corey Coleman is the perfect type of athlete to open an offense up, as he as absolutely deadly with the ball in his hands. The 49ers could go in a lot of directions here, but why not an offensive difference maker for whenever a good quarterback steps in?

  8. Miami Dolphins- Andrew Billings, DL, Baylor: Despite having Ndamukong Suh on their line, the Dolphins' defense underperformed the whole season. The Dolphins would be smart to pair Suh with another dominate interior lineman to completely destroy offenses from the inside out. Billings is a rock in the middle of a defense with dominant strength and pairing him with Suh would be absolutely deadly.

  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida: The Buccaneers' defense was largely underwhelming last season in huge part to the lack of talent in their secondary. Vernon Hargreaves is an incredibly polished cornerback who could step in day one and be the team's best defensive back. This is a perfect marriage of need and talent.

  10. New York Giants- Sheldon Rankins, DL, Louisville: The Giants have one of the least talented defenses in the NFL and it starts up front. Jason Pierre Paul was coming back from his firework injury this season and Jonathan Hankins couldn't spearhead the defense all by himself on a weekly basis. Sheldon Rankins would perfectly complement Hankins' skill set (and their names rhyme) and transform the Giants defensive line.

  11. Chicago Bears- Kenny Clark, DL, UCLA-: The Bears need to continue to upgrade their defense after fielding one of the worse units in the league again. This was expected in a transition year, but they will have a great opportunity to rebuild their defensive front in this draft. Kenny Clark is a very athletic defensive lineman who can make an impact all over a defensive front. He would be a great pickup by the bears.

  12. New Orleans Saints- Myles Jack, LB, UCLA: Despite strong play from their first round linebacker last season, the Saints could withstand to add as much talent and athletic ability to their defense as possible. Myles Jack has one of the most versatile skill sets in this year's class and god knows the Saints need more difference makers on that side of the ball.

  13. Philadelphia Eagles- Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana: Uh oh, no quarterback pick at 13 ... Well, the quarterbacks this year all have a ton of flaws and the most talented of them all may have some off field concerns that would make me think twice as a GM. Spriggs may seem like a "safe" pick, but he is a great athlete who can help the Eagles offensive line rebound while also giving the team two young bookends to be staples on the team for years to come.

  14. Oakland Raiders- Robert Nkemdiche, DL, Ole Miss: This is a risky pick for Oakland, considering Nkemdiche's off the field concerns and in game issues with consistency. However, the payoff for a player like Nkemdiche is just too great. He is an outstanding athlete and he flashes like he could be the most dominant player in this class. It will be imperative too make sure Nkemdiche has his head in the right place, but the Raiders could see a huge pay off with this pick.

  15. Los Angeles Rams- Paxton Lynch, Quarterback, Memphis: The talented Memphis quarterback is finally off the board! Lynch is the best quarterback prospect in this class on the field and the Rams should be looking to establish a new face of the franchise as they make their move to Los Angeles. Lynch may not be a world beater from day one, but with some time to marinade, I am confident in his abilities a future impact starter.

  16. Detroit Lions- Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss: One of the saddest things to happen in the NFL community is the very likely outcome of the great Calvin Johnson retiring. It will be impossible to truly replace the future Hall of Famer, but Laquon Treadwell would, at the very least, ease the pain. Treadwell can provide a large, aggressive target for Matt Stafford, a dynamic he would be losing with Calvin Johnson. Treadwell is an outstanding player and could immediately play X for the Lions if Johnson does in fact retire.

  17. Atlanta Falcons- Darian Thompson, S, Boise State: The Falcons are in desperate need of athletes on defense and with the release of William Moore yesterday, a huge need opens up at safety. Darian Thompson has outstanding size, athletic ability and versatility at safety. He can cover the back end of a defense and he can fly around near the line of scrimmage. He is exactly the type of Player that Atlanta defense needs.

  18. Indianapolis Colts- Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame: Considering the Colts offense line almost got Andrew Luck killed last season, it should probably be a priority to upgrade the trenches. This may seem like a bit of a slide for Stanley, who many considered to be one of the better players in the class a few months ago. Stanley, in my eyes, has plenty to work on in his game, though he is supremely talented. If he can play stronger to match with his awesome movement skills, then the Colts will have themselves an outstanding player to protect Andrew Luck.

  19. The Buffalo Bills-Reggie Ragland, LB, Alabama: The Bills linebackers looked out of place in Rex Ryan's defense this season and it may be that they're not a fit at all. Reggie Ragland is the classic, downhill linebacker that Rex Ryan loves and he is also one of the smartest players in the entire class. He could immediately take over and be the shot caller in the middle of the Bills' defense.

  20. New York Jets- Taylor Decker, OT, OSU: The Jets enjoyed a renaissance on offense this season, but that does not mean that side of the ball couldn't stand to improve. The Jets offensive line is getting up there in age and adding Taylor Decker would give them a physical, pro ready player who can start day one at right tackle and kick over to the left side once D'Brickashaw Ferguson decides to call it a career.

  21. Washington Football Team- Karl Joseph, S, WVU: Washington had a strong season offensively, but their defense could still stand to improve on the back end. Karl Joseph, though small, is one of the smartest players in this class and is an absolute ballhawk. To go with that, he is also a human knockout punch who can set the tone for a defense. I would hate if Washington drafted Joseph because I think he will be so damn good if he's healthy.

  22. Houston Texans- Jarran Reed, DL, Alabama: Because there is no quarterback that should be taken here, it would be savvy for the Texans to continue to add star power to their already loaded defensive line. You can never have too many great defensive linemen and Reed an be an impact player on the inside of the Texans' defense.

  23. Minnesota Vikings- Josh Doctson, WR, TCU: The Vikings desperately need offensive players who can impact inside the 20s and that is where Doctson makes his money. He has a slender frame, but he has incredible ball skills and leaping ability to make him a quarterback's best friend in tight spaces. The Vikings passing game is missing the dynamic Doctson can bring in the worst kind of way.

  24. Cincinnati Bengals- Darron Lee, LB, OSU: The Bengals had another unfortunate playoff exit this season, but the team seems closer than ever to competing now that Andy Dalton looks like a true impact player at quarterback. Where the Bengals are weak is at linebacker. Besides Vontaze Burfict, the group is largely untalented and lacks speed. Darron Lee has excellent athletic ability and instincts that would be an asset on the Bengals defense. He would be an excellent weak side 'backer for Cincy.

  25. Pittsburgh Steelers- Vonn Bell, Safety, OSU: The Steelers have a hole at one of their safety spots and they only have to look up river for the answer to their woes. Vonn Bell is an intelligent, versatile safety who has awesome ball skills and is a solid run defender. He would give the Steelers a very dependable player while also giving them flexibility with their secondary looks.

  26. Seattle Seahawks- Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford: The Seahawks have one of the worst offensive lines in the league and it absolutely killed them in the playoffs. Joshua Garnett is an incredibly physical guard with awesome size. He fits perfectly into what the Seahawks want to on offense and, unlike anyone they currently have, can currently block.

  27. Green Bay Packers- Cody Whitehair, G, Kansas Sate: Like the Seahawks, the Packers have an offensive line that got Aaron Rodgers murked on a weekly basis. Cody Whitehair is a bit old for a rookie, but he has a very pro ready skill set, giving the Packers an incredibly physical and technically sound player. Aaron Rodgers needs this.

  28. Kansas City Chiefs- Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma State: Even though Jeremy Maclin enjoyed a grew season his first year in Kansas City, the Chiefs could stand to add more impact players to the mix, as the lack of depth at play maker hurt the team in the playoffs. Shepard's precise route running ability and dependability make him a perfect it in Andy Reid's offense and Alex Smith's style as a quarterback.

  29. Arizona Cardinals- Shaq Lawson, DL, Clemson: This would be an absolute steal in the late first round. Lawson is an awesome pass rusher with great physicality in the run game. The Cardinals lack any sort of true edge presence and Lawson would be a no brainer choice hear to change that.

  30. New England Patriots- Pick redacted because the Patriots can only make it to the Super Bowl if they're bending the rules in one way or another.

  31. Carolina Panthers- De'runnya Wilson, WR, Mississippi State: The Panthers enjoyed an incredible season where Cam Newton was playing out of his mind, making up for a sorry ass group of receivers and leading one of the more productive offenses in the league. In the Super Bowl, that talent disparity among the skill players finally caught up with the team and the Panthers imploded. It should be priority number one to add more options to an offense where Greg Olsen isn't getting any younger and Kelvin Benjamin is coming back from a knee injury. Wilson gives the team another huge target on the outside with great physicality. It would give the Panthers a set of huge pass catchers and would make their offense a lot harder to defend and unpredictable moving forward.

  32. Denver Broncos- Chris Jones, DL, Mississippi State: The Broncos have very little needs besides quarterback, but with Malik Jackson likely on his way out of Denver, the Broncos should consider another interior defensive lineman to fill in his shoes. Jones has incredible athletic ability and can play a variety of positions. This would be a slam dunk pick for an already great defense.
With draft season in full swing, be sure to send draft questions to @BGNatan for my weekly draft mailbag and keep an eye out for more draft profiles to come out!

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