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Super Bowl Commercials 2016: The top 5 best ads include Drake

For a full recap and video of every Super Bowl commercial, check out SBNation's Super Bowl commercial hub.

The Super Bowl is over but the commercials from the big game live on forever. Or at least until YouTube decides to take these videos down. I feel like there weren't a ton of great ones this year, but I did enjoy a few of them. These are my personal favorites.

Drake - T-Mobile

I really enjoy the Hotline Blings memes. A few examples:

This commercial wasn't quite the same thing, but I did appreciate the humor in it.

Sheep singing Queen - Honda

How could you not enjoy animals singing Queen songs?

Steve Harvey - T-Mobile

This is the second T-Mobile ad on this list. I promise you they're not paying me. You just knew someone was going to do something based on the Steve Harvey Miss Universe slip-up. T-Mobile took advantage of that Verizon commercial that's on all the time and flipped it against them. Pretty good.

Baby - Doritos

Doritos aren't that good.

Mike Tyson - Michael & Son

Here's one that you probably didn't see since it only aired locally. Mike Tyson just punches a dude out of nowhere. It's on the list.


Which ones were your favorite? If you pick PuppyMonkeyBaby, you're banned. Speaking of, how about your least favorite?

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