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2017 Super Bowl Odds: Where do the Philadelphia Eagles rank among NFL teams?

Will next year be the year for the Birds? Maybe not.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The 2016 Super Bowl is over and the Denver Broncos are world champions, but it's never too early to look ahead to next year! 2017 Super Bowl odds are already here.

The Eagles are currently listed at 33/1. The Birds are tied with eight other teams for the 13th best odds. For perspective, the Eagles were given the seventh best odds after last year's Super Bowl ended. Despite losing Super Bowl 50, the Carolina Panthers are (rightfully) still tied for the best odds along with the Patriots and Seahawks. The Broncos are tied for seventh. To no surprise, the Cleveland Browns are dead last at 150/1.

It's not surprising to see where the Eagles come in. If anything, I expected them to be a little lower. It's hard to feel great about this team right now given the uncertainty at two of the most important spots: head coach and quarterback. Not to mention a highly suspect front office.

Checking in on the rest of the NFC East ... The Cowboys are ranked hilariously high. They're tied with the defending Super Bowl champs! Come on. The New York Giants are tied with the Eagles. Despite winning the division in 2015, Washington ranks with the worst odds of all four teams.

Odds to win the 2017 Super Bowl        

Carolina Panthers - 9/1
New England Patriots - 9/1
Seattle Seahawks - 9/1
Green Bay Packers - 12/1
Pittsburgh Steelers - 12/1
Arizona Cardinals - 14/1
Dallas Cowboys - 16/1
Denver Broncos - 16/1
Cincinnati Bengals - 20/1
Indianapolis Colts - 25/1
Kansas City Chiefs - 25/1
Minnesota Vikings - 25/1
Atlanta Falcons - 33/1
Baltimore Ravens - 33/1
Buffalo Bills - 33/1
Detroit Lions - 33/1
New Orleans Saints - 33/1
New York Giants - 33/1
New York Jets - 33/1
Philadelphia Eagles - 33/1
Chicago Bears - 40/1
Houston Texans - 40/1
Los Angeles Rams - 50/1
Miami Dolphins - 50/1
San Diego Chargers - 50/1
San Francisco 49ers - 50/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 50/1
Washington Redskins - 50/1
Jacksonville Jaguars - 66/1
Oakland Raiders - 66/1
Tennessee Titans - 66/1
Cleveland Browns - 150/1

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