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Eagles not expected to franchise Sam Bradford because Doug Pederson is interested in Nick Foles, per report

This is terrible.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier on Sunday morning, there was a screenshot of an ESPN alert going around on Twitter claiming Adam Schefter reported the Eagles are not going to franchise Sam Bradford. It also claimed the team is interested in bringing Nick Foles back to Philadelphia. Now Schefter is confirming that ESPN alert with these tweets:

... what is going on?!

OK, so the first tweet isn't totally surprising. The Eagles haven't been publicly very committed to keeping Sam Bradford. And there's no guarantee Bradford even wants to be back in Philadelphia. Schefter notes that there is some interest. I don't doubt that there's some truth to that. But the Eagles are obviously going to want a team-friendly deal and I don't see why Bradford would take that.

As for the Foles part of this report ... just, why. I get that Doug Pederson is familiar with Foles since they were together in Philadelphia in 2012. But that was a long time ago and Foles has clearly proved to be a bad quarterback since then. He had the one magical year in 2013, sure, but he's been a lot more bad than he's been good. He was the worst starting quarterback in the NFL in 2015 and the Rams benched him for Case Keenum.

Maybe Foles would be brought in as a bridge quarterback to be paired with a rookie that the Eagles draft. But why not just sign a guy like Chase Daniel, who is more recently familiar with Pederson's scheme?

Ugh. This team just doesn't seem to be in a very good place right now. From putting Howie Roseman back in charge to the uninspiring hire of Doug Pederson to ... this ... it's just not very encouraging.

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