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Which player would you steal from the 2016 Super Bowl teams?

Easy pick.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Let's play a game. Imagine the Philadelphia Eagles are allowed to steal one player that will be participating in Super Bowl 50 this weekend. Which ONE player from the Carolina Panthers OR the Denver Broncos would you like to see on Philadelphia's roster?

If you answered anything other than Cam Newton, you are wrong and you should feel bad. Newton is clearly the 2015 NFL MVP. He's such an incredibly talented quarterback. Not only can he make plays with his arm but he's also mobile. He has great size and power. The Eagles would be in much, much better shape than they are right now if they had Newton on the team. He's only 26 years old. The Eagles could build around him for years to come.

Some people get annoyed by all the celebrating Newton does. I can guarantee you that you wouldn't find Newton's actions as annoying if he was doing it after scoring touchdowns and making big plays for your team.

Newton is the easy pick. For the sake of looking at other options, let's say you can't pick him. Who would you take?

Luke Kuechly is another great option. The 24-year-old middle linebacker is a total stud. He's a tackling machine and a good leader.

The Panthers have a lot of good players on defense. Josh Norman was one of the best cornerbacks in 2015. Kawann Short is underrated and pairing him up with Fletcher Cox would make Philadelphia's defensive line even more dangerous. The Eagles might need a safety this offseason ... who wouldn't want that Kurt Coleman guy? (OK, I'm joking.)

How about a Broncos player, though? Von Miller would be a great pickup for the Eagles' pass rush. Chris Harris Jr. is a very good cornerback. Denver has some dude named Evan Mathis who is good at blocking, I think. Peyton Manning in his prime would be an easy answer but he's not anywhere close to that right now.

These are supposed to be the best teams in the NFL so there are no shortage of options. Who would you pick? And if your answer is Cam, who is your second choice?

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