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Super Bowl Prop Bets 2016: Top 10 most popular gambling options

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What are you betting on?

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The 2016 Super Bowl is almost here so you're running out of time to place a wager on those crazy Super Bowl prop bets, if you're into that kind of thing. Bleeding Green Nation has a list of all the Super Bowl 50 prop bets HERE. Today we'll take a look at the top 10 most popular bets via Bovada. I've listed my picks below.


Super Bowl 50 - Odds to Win MVP

Cam Newton 20% of the handle

Peyton Manning 17% of the handle

Von Miller 12% of the handle

Luke Kuechly 9% of the handle

Ted Ginn Jr.                  5% of the handle

C.J. Anderson 4% of the handle

***All other players have 2% or less of the handle

Cam Newton Rushing Yards

Over     40.5      80% of the handle

Under   40.5      20% of the handle

***Moved up from original line of 35.5 yards

Peyton Manning Total TD Passes

Over     1.5        25% of the handle

Under   1.5        75% of the handle

Luke Kuechly Total Tackles and Assists

Over     8.5        90% of the handle

Under   8.5        10% of the handle

Corey Brown Total Receiving Yards

Over     39.5      90% of the handle

Under   39.5      10% of the handle

***Moved up from original line of 32.5 yards

Longest Field Goal

Over     44.5      70% of the handle

Under   44.5      30% of the handle

Coin Toss

Heads               60% of the handle

Tails                 40% of the handle

Length of the National Anthem

Over     2 minutes 20 seconds    45% of the handle

Under   2 minutes 20 seconds    55% of the handle

How many times will Archie Manning be shown on TV during the Broadcast?

Over     1.5        50% of the handle

Under   1.5        50% of the handle

How many times will "John Fox" be said during the Broadcast?

Over     1          75% of the handle

Under   1          25% of the handle


BLG's Picks:

1) Cam Newton
2) Under
3) Under
4) Over
5) Over
6) Over
7) Tails
8) Under
9) Over
10) Over