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Eagles News: What Doug Pederson's new offense might look like

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/6/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagle Eye: Previewing The New Offense -
Now, college football and the NFL are a melting pot of schemes and terminology on both sides of the ball. Coaches work year-round to find plays that will help their teams win football games, and as coaches travel from place to place and team to team, they pick up certain concepts along the way that they really like and save them for future use. Pair that with the growth in coaching clinics as well as the ease of which coaches can now share and watch film of other successful coaches, the "copy-cat league" term has never been more true. That’s what makes Pederson’s arrival in Philadelphia as both a head coach and as a playcaller so exciting for me. It will be his first opportunity to deploy plays that he has seen throughout his career as both a player and a coach and put them into practice with his overall vision. So when he says that his offense is "West Coast-ish," what he means is that, sure, there are some West Coast offense concepts and quick-game route combinations in there, but there’s a hodge podge of screen plays, shot calls and even read-option elements in there as well. Let me show you what I mean.

On Doug Pederson, The Front Office and The Quarterback, Part 3 - EaglesRewind
Perhaps Sam Bradford really is a victim of circumstance and we saw him starting to tap into his true potential down the stretch of the 2015 season. He wouldn’t be the first quarterback to follow that career arc. Alex Smith, Brad Johnson, and Mark Brunell all started their careers off slowly only to turn things around. But there is simply too much data that suggests Bradford is a below average quarterback for me to feel comfortable locking him up long term. That is especially true when you consider that Bradford has played in only 63 of 96 possible games in his career.

Comparing Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, and Paxton Lynch: Arm strength edition - PhillyVoice
Watching Carson Wentz throw in person at the Senior Bowl, I came away very impressed not only with his arm strength, but the ease with which he makes throws that require velocity. It just looked effortless to him. It was fun watching Wentz rip a sideline throw with zip, and then the next quarterback up throwing lollipops by comparison. Wentz's arm shows up in games. I found similar sideline throws by Wentz, Lynch and Goff, that serve as good examples of the kind of arm strength each quarterback has. On the eye test alone, you can see that Wentz's sideline throw clearly gets there with more velocity than Goff's or Lynch's. It's not close.

Jordan Hicks: A Man Of His People - Bird 24/7
Everything this season was catered towards Hicks putting his best product on the field. He says he wanted to earn the respect of his teammates, his coaches, and the city of Philadelphia. He used to spend Thanksgivings in high school at soup kitchens with his family, and he knows teammate Connor Barwin is one of the most charitable players in the league, but this season he couldn't find much time to engage in the city's vibrant charity scene. His life was football this year. That was it. "You don’t see too many rookies like Jordan," says DeMeco Ryans, who, after a decade in the NFL, is a pretty good barometer. When fans started likening Hicks to a young version of Ryans early in the season — because they play the same position, because they share a similar level-headedness, and because they both happen to be very good at playing football — it stuck in the locker room, too. Ryans is the team's Mufasa; Hicks is their Simba.

Adam Caplan Gives the Saddest Description of the Eagles’ Front Office - Crossing Broad
"This is the only NFL team in recent history that doesn’t have a general manager, a VP of football operations, and a college scouting director. Their front office is in turmoil as far as I’m concerned. You can’t go forward – and you’re gonna have to because they made this decision and there’s nothing they can do about it right now – … after the draft, I don’t care whatever is on their mind, the number one thing is to fix this front office … Jeffrey and Roseman have a lot of work to do to fix the football operations."

Sielski: If not Bradford, who? - Inquirer
This is not to suggest that the Eagles - i.e. player-personnel czar Howie Roseman, head coach Doug Pederson, and the team's scouts - aren't at this moment evaluating pro and college quarterbacks and weighing their options with Bradford. This is to suggest, however, that over time the Eagles have put themselves in a position in which they pretty much have to do everything they can to keep Bradford: franchise-tag him, sign him to a multiyear extension, do the former and then the latter, whatever. It's not that they don't have a choice. It's that none of their possible alternatives to Bradford are all that appealing, and a big reason that they don't have a more appealing alternative is that, since selecting Donovan McNabb with the No. 2 overall pick in the 1999 draft, they have failed to follow a smart strategy for maintaining success and replenishing talent. They haven't drafted enough quarterbacks.

If Eagles don't start acting like the Sixers they could become the Phillies -
What else has to happen is a new quarterback, because anything close to the money being talked about for Bradford is too much for a team that isn't going to win in 2016. Rose-colored glasses wearing fans tell me that if the Eagles don't sign Bradford they'll become the Cleveland Browns. I tell them if they do they'll become the Miami Dolphins, a team with an average quarterback making $20 million that never makes the playoffs. Is there that big of a difference?

Imagining the Eagles’ front 7 under Jim Schwartz - CSN Philly
Schwartz should have a nice rotation going at defensive end with Curry, Graham and Barwin. It’s not uncommon to rotate linemen, so the fact that there are three starting-caliber players should not be a huge issue. It remains to be seen whether Smith makes the team, but end seems the most likely path. One thing is for sure and that’s Graham is back at home in the 4-3, as he should never be asked to drop into coverage, a sizable part of his role as a 3-4 linebacker. Graham also demonstrated some proficiency in the wide-9 with the Eagles back in 2012, racking up 4.0 sacks in six starts to close out the season

NFL Fan Friendships on Facebook - Facebook
It's not surprising to see the Broncos fans more spread geographically because they are an older, more popular team. But we see pockets of Panthers fans (often overlaid on larger pockets of Broncos fans) in large cities like Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. But only about 6% of the 35M people we studied are fans of the teams playing in the Super Bowl. Who are the remaining 94% rooting for? If we assume a city will lend support to the Super Bowl team that it has the most fan friendships with, we get the following map showing friend allegiances for Sunday's game.

The ultimate Fantasy Puppy Bowl guide, to help you dominate your friends at picking puppies - SB Nation
What's more important to you: a) watching cute puppies or b) DESTROYING your friends and family in fantasy sports? If the answer is a), go away. Only serious Fantasy Puppy Bowl players should read on.

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