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DeMarco Murray says he wants to be back with the Eagles

So who do you believe?

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Something weird happened on Thursday. Around the same time it was being reported (or even before the report emerged) DeMarco Murray isn't happy in Philadelphia, Murray himself was on ESPN doing an interview with Hannah Storm. During that interview, Storm asked Murray if he wants to stay with the Eagles. Murray said yes.

"I do, I do [want to be back]. Obviously, it’s something for me, that’s not the lasting impression I want to leave in my mouth and the fans and my family, anyone. I take football very, very serious, it’s my life. I love it, besides my family and my faith, obviously. I never want to leave off on a note like I did last year, so I’m working tremendously harder to try and improve from an individual standpoint and a team standpoint as well."

Murray might be telling the truth. There are multiple signs that might not be the case, however. Murray once had his effort questioned by a current Eagles teammate. Murray reportedly complained about his playing time to Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie. NFL executives reportedly believe Murray wants to be back in Dallas, where he is building a new house. Mike Florio also reported Murray wants to get out of Philadelphia and return to the Cowboys. There's a lot of smoke here.

In fairness to Murray, these reports came out before Chip Kelly was fired. So maybe Murray wants to stay and will be more happy in Doug Pederson's offense. But that's not what today's report from Rapoport suggests. Instead, it lines up with the previous reports about Murray's unhappiness.

Murray's public comments indicate he wants to be back. But it's not like he's going to come out and say "No, I don't want to be back." So who do you believe?

Whether Murray wants to return or not is just one factor in this situation. If the team doesn't want him around, which Rapoport suggested, it's possible they find a way to trade him or cut him. Or the Eagles could keep him and his high cap figure and merely hope he's going to be not as terrible in Doug Pederson's scheme.

We'll see soon enough how it all plays out.

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