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DeMarco Murray trade rumors: Eagles running back not happy in Philadelphia

What does the future hold for DeMarco Murray?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles running back DeMarco Murray is not happy in Philadelphia, according to a report from NFL media's Ian Rapoport. Here's what Rapoport had to say during a segment on NFL Network on Thursday. As transcribed by myself:

"The Eagles and DeMarco Murray seem headed toward a stare-down regarding his future, how to proceed. He is not happy at this point in Philadelphia. However, to actually cut him, it would be a $13 million cap charge, something the Eagles at this point, I’m told, do not want to do. So how will they proceed? Will he ask to be traded? Will he asked to be cut? Could he make a move and rearrange some of his money? Certainly a lot of questions right now on where DeMarco Murray will head. But here’s what we do know: in Philadelphia, he simply does not feel comfortable as part of this organization."

"[A trade] would likely have to include a reworked contract. And then there’s a question of who would be interested? So you look back at his free agency and the teams that were interested in picking him up then, you have the Seahawks, you have the Cowboys, and of course he is building a house in Dallas. The [Cowboys] liked him but were willing to pay him $5 million, not $8 million. And then you have the Oakland Raiders, who are still looking for another running back to pair with Latavius Murray. So if DeMarco Murray was on the market or was available, he would have a market, but there is the matter of the money that needs to be worked out."

There's no question Murray was (predictably) very disappointing in 2015. His 3.6 yards per carry ranked tied for 41st among all qualified running backs. Beyond the stats, Murray just looked slow. He never really appeared to be a dangerous rushing threat.

If not for the money the Eagles have committed to Murray, it would be an easy decision to cut him this offseason. But as Rapoport notes, cutting him won't be so simple. Therefore, a trade would be a better option for the Eagles. It's already been reported that Murray wants to play for the Cowboys again. Is Jerry Jones crazy enough to bail the Eagles out of their big mistake?

It remains to be seen what happens with Murray. The Eagles might end up being stuck with him. If Murray truly wants out, though, it seems like he's going to do his best to force an early exit.

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