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Philadelphia Eagles reportedly making real push to sign Sam Bradford

The Eagles sound interested. Is the feeling mutual?

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like there's an increasing feeling that the Philadelphia Eagles will keep Sam Bradford. It started on Sunday with Mike Garafolo reporting that the Eagles "upped their offer" to the impending free agent quarterback. Garafolo further explained his report in an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic on Monday morning. As transcribed by Birds 24/7:

"They're just trying to get this done, and send a message that, 'Hey, even though this is a guy that Chip [Kelly] brought in, we like him.' Howie [Roseman] likes him, Doug Pederson likes him. I gather Frank Reich likes him; John DeFelippo, the quarterbacks coach, likes him. So that was the message in all this: as one person put it to me, Howie is making it clear he wants it done. And usually when Howie says he wants a deal done, that deal usually gets done. That was the point behind the Eagles making the offer."

"You're talking in the $12-15 [million per year] range," he said.

Now Les Bowen is chiming in.

And then there are these tweets.

The Eagles have publicly maintained that they want Bradford back but they've also noted it takes two sides to get a deal done. There has been some skepticism about how much Bradford is willing to re-sign in Philadelphia, although there is also evidence to suggest mutual interest.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of deal the Eagles work out with Bradford, assuming both sides agree to one. Bradford did not show enough in 2015 to warrant a long-term deal as the team's franchise quarterback. In the same vein, Bradford might want to only sign a short-term deal so he can test free agency again in the near future. It seems like Bradford's current market has dried up, which means the NFL doesn't think very much of him.

The NFL franchise tag window closes at 4:00 PM ET tomorrow on Tuesday, March 1. The franchise tag number for a quarterback is $19.9 million while the transition tag is nearly $17.7 million. It's been reported that the Eagles aren't expected to tag Bradford. Philadelphia has until Monday, March 7 until Bradford's agent can start negotiating with other NFL teams in the legal tampering period. NFL free agency officially begins at 4:00 PM ET on Wednesday, March 9.

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