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NFL Trade Rumors: DeMarco Murray still isn't happy in Philadelphia and Eagles will listen to offers

Will DeMarco Murray be back?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported that DeMarco Murray isn't happy in Philadelphia. Just moments after that report emerged, Murray denied that sentiment in an interview with ESPN and said he wants to be back. Now Rapoport is doubling down on what he reported a few weeks ago.

The Murray situation is tricky. It's possible both sides might be stuck with each other for the 2016 season. It just doesn't make financial sense for Philadelphia to just cut him. But trading him will be tricky because who wants to take on his contract?

If the Eagles can somehow trade Murray, that would be ideal for them. The Birds would save $4 million in cap space by shipping him out. Any kind of asset (draft pick or a player) they get in return would just be a bonus.

It's already been reported that Murray wants to play for the Cowboys again. The Eagles would probably love for Jerry Jones to bail them out and take Murray off their hands.

Murray was very bad in 2015. His 3.6 yards per carry ranked tied for 41st among all qualified running backs. Some have attributed his struggles to Chip Kelly's scheme but that was a bit of a misconception. When you turn on the tape you can easily see he was just too slow too often.

Even if Murray sticks around for the 2016 season, it's clear the Eagles need to start thinking about the future of the running back position. It's very possible that none of the team's main three running backs will be on the team next season. Ryan Mathews is too injury prone and Darren Sproles turns 33 this June. The Eagles might be in the market for a running back in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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