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Here's everything Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman said about Sam Bradford and Eagles quarterback situation

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Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman both spoke with media at the 2016 NFL Combine on Wednesday. As you can imagine, they were asked a lot of questions about impending free agent quarterback Sam Bradford.

Pederson and Roseman have already been asked about Bradford multiple times this offseason so there wasn't exactly anything too groundbreaking. They both said they'd like to have Bradford back, as they've already said. The only "new" tidbit they revealed is that they're in contract negotiations with Bradford. But just because they're talking doesn't mean they're close. Then again, there is a report that NFL teams expect the Eagles to retain Bradford.

Here's what all Pederson and Roseman had to say not only about Bradford but the Eagles quarterback situation in general.


Do the Eagles want Bradford back?

"Listen, Sam is part of the Eagles organization and what he’s done in the last half of last year I think has given him that opportunity to stay in Philadelphia. And listen, being in his shoes, being a player in his shoes, you have to want to be somewhere. And I think Sam wants to be in Philadelphia."

What makes the Eagles confident Bradford's last seven games are indicative of his future performance?

"You look at that from an X’s and O’s standpoint. You can also talk to people that have been around Sam Bradford, that understand where he’s come as a quarterback, his development as a quarterback. The fact that he himself put himself in a leadership role toward the end of the season proves to me that he can handle it going forward. This role, and the opportunity to start."

Do the Eagles plan to use the franchise tag on Bradford?

"I really can’t answer that at this time."

Is there a backup plan in place if Bradford isn't back?

"We do have a plan in place. Obviously I won’t go into who we’re looking at and going in that direction."

What's the assessment of the quarterbacks in this year's NFL Draft?

"Pretty good. I think this is a talented group. I think it’s a group that … we all know what they can do on the football field. I think that goes without saying. For a lot of us, and most of the teams here who are looking at quarterbacks, and obviously this one, is how can they come into your organization? How can they command a huddle? How can they look at 10 other guys in the huddle? And how can one of these guys come into Philadelphia and get Jason Peters to believe in what they’re selling? So I want to be able to see that. I want to be able to look into their eyes and say ‘Hey, that’s the guy I can hang my hat on.’"

What did impending free agent quarterback Chase Daniel show in Kansas City?

"He’s a solid backup. Kind of reminded me of me when I was a backup in Green Bay. He’s a guy that really helped Alex [Smith] on and off the football field. He’s a leader in his own way. He’s talented, and hopefully he gets an opportunity."

Is Daniel ready to be a starter?

"I think Chase, given an opportunity, yes, I think he can be. I think he’s put himself … the people that have worked with him for the last three years, know that he has an opportunity there. And hopefully he gets his chance.

I think what he’s done with Alex, behind the scenes, the way he’s kind of coached Alex, behind the scenes, the way he prepares during the week, the way he studies, the way he puts himself in a starter’s mentality on Sunday. And then in the couple of games that he did start there in Kansas City, to me, is proven that he can take over a team."

Will Mark Sanchez be back?

"I would think he’d want to be back. He’d want to stay in Philadelphia. He’s under contract. He’s another veteran guy that you’d like to have at the backup quarterback position. We had a guy in Chase Daniel as a backup, I was a backup in Green Bay years ago. Almost, in today’s football, it helps to have two guys. With the attack style of defenses and the fact that quarterbacks sometimes can’t stay healthy for 16 games. So having a guy like Mark on your roster gives you that cushion."


What's the status of the Bradford negotiations?

"It’s never productive to talk about an ongoing negotiation but we’ve been pretty clear we’d like to have Sam back. It’s along those lines. One of the great things about the Combine is you get everyone together in one place. When you have pending free agents, you’re able to talk to those representatives face to face and eye to eye."

Will the Eagles meet with Bradford's agent?

"We’ll meet with a lot of people. Tom, the CAA, they’ve got a lot of players, so we’ll be running into Tom Condon at some point in the next couple days."

How is Bradford's performance graded?

"Not only do you have to grade that but you also have to get with Doug and his staff. One of the benefits we have as a front office is having Doug who played the position, having [offensive coordinator Frank Reich] who played the position, having [quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo] who played the position, and having their input into the evaluation process as well and how they see him fitting their system because they have a criteria of what they’re looking for as well."

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