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Howie Roseman being in complete control might actually be good for the Eagles

No more blame dodging.

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The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly aren't set to hire a new personnel chief until after the 2016 NFL Draft. This means executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman will be running the show until then. It would seem like Roseman might also have a big say in personnel even after the new executive is hired. Why else trust Roseman so much now only to discard him later? In any case, Roseman being in complete control might actually be a good thing for the Eagles.

Wait, what? Didn't I write a piece about how Roseman being in charge is very troubling? Well, yes, I did. And I still stand by everything I wrote there. But the reality of the situation is that Roseman isn't going anywhere for now. So with that option off the table, the next best thing for the Eagles is to give Roseman final say on everything.

Why's that the case? Because it means Roseman can't dodge blame anymore. Unlike in years past where it's been unclear what exactly Roseman has done (aside from him confirming he made the Marcus Smith pick), now it should be perfectly clear who made the decisions.

This transparent model of accountability was actually a positive memory of Chip Kelly's forgettable tenure as de facto general manager. If Kelly succeeded, everyone knew he was to credit. If he failed, which he did, it was clear he was to blame. Jeffrey Lurie held Kelly accountable for those mistakes and fired him. Now Roseman is arguably in the same boat. If he succeeds, he will have redeemed himself. A lot of people will have to eat crow, including myself. If he fails, however, there will be a lot of people calling for his job. One would think Lurie won't be able to keep Roseman around any longer at that point.

It's hard to feel great about Roseman's chances of succeeding. It's not that he's a HORRIBLE general manager. It's just that he has a mixed record at best. The Eagles have never won a playoff game during his tenure. And for as much as people want to talk about how great some of his draft picks have been, he's failed to land a franchise quarterback, which is more important than anything else.

During Doug Pederson's introductory press conference, Lurie said: "My No. 1 priority going into this offseason is accountability." With Roseman in complete control, Lurie's top priority have been achieved.

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