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Eagles News: Updates on the LeSean McCoy situation

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/19/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Hollis Thomas, Citing "Sources," Says LeSean McCoy Sucker Punched Cop at Recess - Crossing Broad
Hollis Thomas: Basically the story goes like this: The off-duty copy were there, and they were there before Shady and his crew got there … they were already in Recess. Apparently they put their order in for their bottle of champagne or whatever type of liquor it was before Shady even got there … Apparently they ordered two bottles. One of the bottles was placed on their table … [One of the off duty cops] goes to get the other. One of Shady’s crew feels like that’s their bottle and he grabs it too. In the midst of some words being exchanged, the word was that Shady kinda sucker-punched one of the off-duty cops. Allegedly, allegedly.

Sources: D.A. 'pushing back' on LeSean McCoy arrest warrant - CSN Philly
More than a week after the Philadelphia Police Department completed its investigation, the District Attorney’s office is "pushing back" against issuing an arrest warrant for LeSean McCoy for his alleged involvement in a bar brawl with off-duty police officers, law enforcement officials told on Thursday. According to law enforcement officials, tension between the District Attorney’s office and PPD has risen over the last few days because of the delay in charging McCoy and three other men for their alleged role in a fight at Recess Lounge in Old City early on the morning of Feb. 7. Sources told that the D.A.’s office is hesitant to issue warrants because it has questions about the conduct of the officers that evening, including that the officers did not call 9-1-1 during the incident and whether they were drinking to excess.

NFL Combine positional previews: Wide receivers who could interest the Eagles - PhillyVoice
There's little question the Eagles lacked a down-the-field threat in 2015, with Jackson and Maclin having moved on to greener pastures. Many feel that Laquon Treadwell of Ole Miss is the best wide receiver in this class. Personally, I'm not so sure I wouldn't rather have Coleman if I were the Eagles. At Baylor, Coleman was incredible deep threat. He averaged 18.4 yards per reception, and he had 20 receiving touchdowns. Coleman would be a reach at 13, but in a scenario in which the Eagles traded down, I could see him as good fit.

Searching For the Bradford Market - Birds 24/7
At the center of the Eagles quarterback debate lies a question that has been asked countless times on the radio and in pubs alike since the uncertainty set in: If not Sam Bradford, who? While not quite as popular, there’s another important question for all parties to consider as they choose their respective stances heading into negotiations and the new league year: If not Philly, where? It is widely assumed that Bradford will have suitors if allowed to hit free agency given the lack of quality quarterback options on planet Earth and the the number of teams that are in need. Perhaps that proves true. But after heading out in search of some clarity on where that demand lies, we came back with the conclusion that the market for Bradford is a bit murky at the moment and may take time to develop -- assuming it develops at all.

NFL Draft quarterbacks: Scout ranks Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch, Carson Wentz -
2. CARSON WENTZ, NORTH DAKOTA: He is a good combination of size, arm strength and athletic ability....Had some good run production....Moves around well....Comes from a small school. He didn't have a good game at the Senior Bowl, but that doesn't weigh too much into it. He had a good week...Only a two year starter.

Birds' defense makes Bradford worth the tag - Daily News
YOU DON'T have to believe Sam Bradford is an elite quarterback to want the Eagles to slap the franchise tag on him. You don't even have to believe he is capable of carrying a team on his back. As long as you believe that the Eagles' future lies not in its offense but in that defense full of established and perhaps upcoming stars. As long as you believe that potentially overpaying the guy for one season is a far better risk than paying another one of the flawed free-agent arms out there, or grabbing someone like Paxton Lynch in the draft and throwing him immediately out there.

Assessing each team's long-term QB situation | Sports On Earth
Eagles (1/10): If you don't have anything going for you at QB, at least have something going for you at the tackle spots and some decent receivers. Philly has that, but it's still searching for the next Donovan McNabb.

Where Are They Now? LB Reggie Wilkes -
Philadelphia used its first- and second-round picks in the 1978 NFL Draft four years earlier as part of a trade with Cincinnati to acquire veteran linebacker Bill Bergey. When the Eagles were finally able to participate in the third round of the draft, they added another linebacker to their roster – Georgia Tech’s Reggie Wilkes. Moving into the starting lineup in just his third game, Wilkes finished the season with 88 tackles and, along with Bergey, co-led the team with five fumble recoveries, which earned him a place on the UPI and Pro Football Weekly All-Rookie teams.

4 quarterbacks who could shape the NFL offseason - SB Nation
There are reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles might not want Bradford back in 2016, and there are reasons why he might not want to be back. It was Chip Kelly who orchestrated a trade that sent Bradford from the St. Louis Rams to Philadelphia, and the quarterback wasn't too happy that the man in charge of his acquisition was let go. If Bradford feels like he can get a big paycheck on the open market, there isn't much reason to believe he'll have much loyalty to the Eagles now that there's a new staff in place. There also isn't much incentive for the Eagles to open up their pocketbook and throw money at a passer who threw 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 2015, and has injury concerns to boot.

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