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Eagles Rumors: Doug Pederson views Chase Daniel as a starting quarterback

Is this your Eagles 2016 starting QB?

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While everyone waits to see what the Eagles plan to do with impending free agent Sam Bradford, a rumor has come up regarding Philadelphia's quarterback situation. According to Ian Rapoport, new head coach Doug Pederson is high on Kansas City Chiefs backup quarterback Chase Daniel.

This isn't surprising. Tim McManus of Birds 24/7 has already reported that Pederson likes Daniel. The connection is obvious, too. Pederson was Daniel's offensive coordinator over the past few seasons. Daniel is going to be a free agent this offseason and he'd likely jump as the chance to be a starter. The Daniel thing has been suggested ever since Pederson was first hired:

Assuming Bradford is gone, the Eagles are going to need a new veteran. And wouldn't it be funny if Doug Pederson signed his own version of Doug Pederson? That player would be none other than current Chiefs backup quarterback Chase Daniel. The 29-year-old Daniel is scheduled to be a free agent after the season. Pederson could sell Daniel on the idea of getting a chance to be the starter in Philadelphia.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying Daniel is likely the Eagles' next franchise quarterback. Through six NFL seasons, he's only started two games. He's completed 64.9% of his passes for 464 yards, one touchdown, one interception, and a 80.2 rating. The appeal is that he's an inexpensive placeholder who is familiar with Pederson's offense. In the best case scenario, he wins the Eagles' quarterback job and proves to be good starter. In the most realistic scenario, he starts some games and allows the team to groom a young quarterback behind him, similar to how Pederson started over Donovan McNabb in 1999.

Pederson has already expressed interest in drafting a young quarterback. It would make sense to pair that rookie with a placeholder like Daniel.

Of course, it's possible this Daniel report is a leak from the Eagles in an attempt to make it seem like they have more options than just Bradford. Then again, it's been reported the Eagles don't plan to franchise Bradford. A lot of signs point to the free agent quarterback not being back next year. Pederson's reported interest in Daniel could be another sign that Bradford isn't in the team's plans.

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