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Eagles News: Jim Schwartz wants to unleash Vinny Curry

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/12/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Jim Schwartz wants to “cut the handcuffs off” Vinny Curry - PFT
“Vinny is a really hardcore competitor. You have to be a competitor to get to the quarterback,” Schwartz said. “It’s very rare to just beat your guy clean. It’s very rare that you’re clean to the quarterback. Most of the sacks are due to work ethic. You have to counter. You have to keep on coming. He does that. There are some guys that really fit in the defense here last year. I think he was one guy who wasn’t a great fit. He played in that square stance. They play a lot of two-gap. That’s been proven to be an effective system, also, it just didn’t fit Vinny very well. I think we can cut the handcuffs off of him, so to speak, and cut him loose along with the other guys up front.”

Eagle Eye: Jim Schwartz's Attack Defense -
When Jim Schwartz was hired as the Eagles' defensive coordinator last month, many in Philadelphia felt a tingle down their spine when they heard the term Wide 9 thrown around by analysts, as the idea of a Wide 9 defensive scheme has been attached to Schwartz since his days as the defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans. Is it really a scheme, though? The answer is no. Every team in the league utilizes some fronts that deploy an edge player in a Wide 9 technique, meaning that he is lined up a full gap away from where the tight end would line up before the snap. The Eagles, under Bill Davis, utilized the Wide 9 technique. The Denver Broncos have done the same under Wade Phillips, the New England Patriots with Bill Belichick and the Steelers with Mike Tomlin, yes, all use defensive ends or linebackers as 9-technique players at different points throughout a game.

NBC10: No warrant expected for LeSean McCoy until next week - CSN Philly
A decision on possible arrest warrants for LeSean McCoy and three other men won’t be made until next week, sources told NBC10 on Thursday. Earlier Thursday, law enforcement officials told that the District Attorney’s office is “moving slowly for reason” and “this can’t be rushed.”

Darren Sproles among 25 'big name' players who 'could get cut' in the next 30 days - PhillyVoice
Throughout this week, Sproles' name has been rumored to be among several Eagles whose futures with the team are in doubt. While it's not out of the question, personally, I don't see the logic.  There's an argument to be made that Sproles was the Eagles' best weapon in 2015 if you include his value on special teams. Whenever opposing teams have been dumb enough to punt to Sproles, he has made them pay. For the second straight year, Sproles had two punt return touchdowns.

Attitudes and Agendas - Iggles Blitz
Pederson and Roseman need to try to find a balance between winning now and long term. As dysfunctional as the Eagles were in 2015, they still almost won the NFC East. But the goal is to build a championship team. Just getting to the top of a crappy division isn’t good enough. The key to becoming a championship caliber team is finding the right QB. There are 3 top shelf QBs in this draft: Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch. Pederson and Roseman need to decide which guy they feel strongest about. They also need to decide if all 3 are viable targets. Just because those are the top guys doesn’t mean the Eagles will have interest in all of them.

By the Numbers: Doug Pederson’s Quick Fixes - Birds 24/7
The Eagles’ offense, for all of its bells and whistles, was an unabashed mess in 2015. The run game fell apart, the passing game was spotty, and the offensive line suffered in a big way. Hundreds of miles away, Doug Pederson and the Chiefs found a way to string together a monster winning streak with Alex Smith under center and their No. 1 running back sidelined for a good portion of the season. While dumping an offensive genius in Chip Kelly and picking up a throwback offensive mind in Pederson may mean expecting a more productive unit initially feels a little backward, there might be something to a new perspective and a successful mind trying his hand at the Eagles' cluttered offense.

How much should money matter in Eagles' decision to re-sign Sam Bradford? -
He either is or he isn't.  It really is that black and white when it comes to a quarterback, as teams across the league desperately look for a franchise player at the position. If it isn't clear whether your team has one, and that player isn't a rookie, than you probably don't. If your team has one, then you know it, then talks of price and contracts really don't matter.

Two days after being released by Raiders, Nate Allen re-signed - S&BP
Thursday the Raiders announced they have re-signed safety Nate Allen. This move comes just two days after the team had released him following an injury-plagued season that had him miss 11 of the team's 16 games.

Hall of Fame voters definitely blocked T.O. for being “so disruptive” - PFT
It was widely believed that the Hall of Fame voters passed over receiver Terrell Owens ostensibly because of his reputation for divisiveness, even if the truth is that they were merely respecting a de facto waiting line that called for Marvin Harrison making it before Owens. On Thursday, one of the Hall of Fame voters admitted that the reason for T.O.’s omission was his inability to work and play well with others.

Peyton Manning makes fun of cardboard Eli Manning's Super Bowl face - SB Nation
It was the face that launched a thousand jokes. Everyone gave Eli Manning grief over the face he made when the Broncos scored a touchdown that sealed their Super Bowl win. Eli explained that he was focused on the game -- not that he was upset his big brother was catching up to him in Super Bowl wins -- and Peyton backed him up on The Tonight Show. Still, Peyton couldn't help but make fun of Eli's face, because that's what the Manning brothers do. It's not like he hasn't seen that face before:

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