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Eagles News: Someone tried to catfish Mychal Kendricks

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/10/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

How A Serial Catfish Tricked Famous Men And Almost Got Away With It - BuzzFeed
Philadelphia Eagles player Mychal Kendricks got an email, sent to his manager, from someone claiming to be part of Lucia Cole’s "team" saying that Cole wanted him to appear in an upcoming music video of hers, and she was willing to pay — $16,000. It was the offseason, and a good chunk of change, so Kendricks agreed. After back and forth between their managers, Kendricks and Cole texted and talked on the phone. Cole opened up to him about her life, her past relationships, her difficult childhood. Kendricks’s degree is in social work from UC Berkeley, and its in his nature to want to help someone. "She really made me feel like she like a bruised bird," he told BuzzFeed News over Facetime. "She tried to make me feel for her." But he was still interested in doing the music video since it was a business deal, and the fact that her photos were so easy on the eyes didn’t exactly hurt. "She’s bad, bro," he said about Reese Crowell, the real woman behind Cole’s photos ("bad" meaning "hot"). Cole tried to flirt with him and asked him to send photos of himself, but he turned her down. He wanted to keep the relationship professional. "As a social worker, you understand how to keep barriers that are appropriate for both parties," he explained.

Lurie May Have Lost His Way - Birds 24/7
What Lurie failed to do both in that response and in all the hours since the Kelly regime collapse is hold himself accountable. (Asked what his biggest misstep was hours after the Kelly firing, Lurie responded by weaving together a response about not wanting to be risk-averse.) Whether Kelly was insistent or not, Lurie was Kelly's senior both in NFL experience and rank. He's the one that has to know better. It's his job to be the steward of this franchise and use sound judgment in the name of guiding it towards Lombardis. The "you asked for it, you got it" approach set the wheels in motion for the downfall of a coach that Lurie himself believed was the man that would help deliver this city a championship at last. Kelly played a major role in the destruction, no doubt, but the free rein certainly did him no favors.

Police deliver LeSean McCoy investigation to prosecutors - PFT
Amid a report that an arrest of Bills running back LeSean McCoy is "imminent," police in Philadelphia have completed their investigation. Via Mike Rodak of, the file has been delivered to the District Attorney’s office for potential prosecution. McCoy apparently anticipates that he’ll be defending himself in court. Via John Barr of ESPN, McCoy has hired Philadelphia defense lawyer Jack McMahon to handle the case.

Brian Dawkins was better than your dumb favorite recent safety (except, maybe, Ed Reed) - PhillyVoice
It doesn't seem like that long ago that Brian Dawkins was forcing fumbles and having them returned for touchdowns in the 2008 "44-6 game" against the Dallas Cowboys. That was one of his final games in Philly before heading to Denver for three seasons. In 2012, Dawkins retired. In 2017, he'll be eligible for the Hall of Fame. We all remember Dawkins' highlights, and most Eagles fans even have their favorite specific Dawkins moment. But what often gets lost in the big hits on running backs, receivers, and tight ends are his statistics, which are surprisingly outstanding when compared to other safeties of this era.

Fan-Demonium: Bring On The 4-3 -
When I think about Eagles defense, I see Reggie White overwhelming blockers to get into the backfield and punish the quarterback. Maybe I see William Fuller storming off the left side to come up with another sack. Or that could be Clyde Simmons, Hugh Douglas or Trent Cole flying off the right side to get the quarterback. Maybe it's Jerome Brown flying up the middle to ruin a play, or Andy Harmon or Corey Simon. All of those players were defensive linemen who thrived in the 4-3 defense. They attacked when the ball was snapped and made it their mission to get to the running back or quarterback. New Eagles coach Doug Pederson hit a major home run when he hired Jim Schwartz to run the Eagles' defense.

Dominant Defense - Iggles Blitz
As long as the Eagles stay healthy, they have a chance to be outstanding up front. The LBs could be very good, but that’s not a sure thing. The secondary is the real mystery. Even there, the Eagles have potential. They might need to find a SS that can play in the box. It doesn’t feel like Walter Thurmond is a good fit for the defense we expect to see. Scheme aside, the other aspect of having Schwartz run the defense is that he’s the team’s best DC since JJ. Sean McDermott was good, but learning on the job. Juan Castillo…just bizarre. Todd Bowles only had the job for part of a year and wasn’t running his scheme. Bill Davis has his limitations and worked under very challenging circumstances.

Here's how the Eagles can fix their messed-up offensive line -
The Eagles need to spend on a free-agent guard. Kansas City's Jeff Allen and San Francisco's Alex Boone come to mind. They also need to spend one, if not both, of their third-round picks on the line, especially if they look elsewhere in the first round. Arkansas' Sebastian Tretola is intriguing. Stanford's Josh Garnett could also be had in the middle rounds.

Wonder if Chip Kelly is interested in Cooper now - Daily News
Here’s what I’m interested to see: Now that Riley Cooper has been released by the Eagles, is he, as that famous hippy song says, ``Going to San Francisco?’’ Because if we take Chip Kelly at his word these past two seasons, Cooper was a productive player who simply didn’t register on the stat sheet. Not when Nick Foles was throwing to him. Not when Mark Sanchez was throwing to him. Not when Sam Bradford was throwing to him. It’s not that Cooper didn’t try. Hell, bucking the result of that old Bible story, Samson even cut his hair toward the end of this season.

Eagles Stay or Go Part 1: Nelson Agholor to Brandon Bair - CSN Philly
Can Alonso rebound one year removed from his ACL injury? He’s reunited with Jim Schwartz, who was with him in Buffalo in 2014, but remember, Alonso didn’t play that year. But at least Schwartz has some familiarity with Alonso and an idea how to use him. I would think the Eagles would try Alonso at weak-side backer, but they have a lot of guys under contract and it’s a crowded position group. You’d think we’ll see a more active, more productive Alonso next year, but it’s no lock he’ll be starting.

What Marshawn Lynch meant to the Seahawks, their fans and me - SB Nation
Lynch's career is over, but he left his mark on Seattle and its fans.

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