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Philadelphia Eagles Jim Schwartz approval poll: December 2016

Alright, Jimbo...

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

As we do every month during the regular season, this week we’re starting another series of approval polls to gauge Eagles fans’ takes on the people in charge of the franchise.

This morning we’re going to ask you what you think about the job Jim Schwartz has done as the team’s defensive coordinator.

Doug Pederson, the offensive play caller during the Eagles’ current slide, received... less than ideal marks when we asked about his performance yesterday.

Schwartz is in charge of the defensive side of the ball, and while things haven’t been as anemic on defense, they certainly haven’t bee good.

The defense has forced just two turnovers in its last three games, all three of which have been losses. They’ve been torched for more than 280 passing yards in each of those three losses, the first time that’s happened in three consecutive games in franchise history.

Most egregious, perhaps, was the job Andy Dalton managed to do in Week 13 without A.J. Green. The Bengals have been a woefully ineffective team for the majority of the season, but with a lack of any pass rush and a cornerback corps entirely incapable of defending backup wide receivers, Dalton looked the part of a Pro Bowler.

Schwartz started hot, but his unit has cooled off substantially since then, and he’s answering for it. Earlier this week he admitted the way his defense as of late was playing put it among the worst in the league, and he’s right.

Can he fix it? Probably. He needs better personnel at cornerback and linebacker, for starters. And he needs more of a push from his defensive line.

But he’s a smart guy with enough talent to make it work.

At least, I certainly would imagine so.

Are you confident in Jim Schwartz as defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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