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Eagles news: Losing streak hasn’t dented spirits

News and notes for 12/9

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles' Wentz not letting frustration take over - Daily News

Wentz, who has thrown six of his 11 interceptions during the Eagles' current three-game losing streak, dismissed any concern in his weekly Wednesday meeting with the media.

"I feel good," Wentz said. "I think it comes down to, do you love it enough? I think if you love the game and you're around it, you enjoy the grind. You attack it and it's kind of part of the process.

"For me, there's no more school to go to during the day, it's just football, all day, every day, and I love that. It's been a lot of fun, and by no means is it wearing on me in a negative way."

So, despite having lost seven of his last nine starts, the quarterback doesn't wish he was back home in North Dakota.

"For one, I love the fact that you're always learning. There's always something new to learn," Wentz said. "I love the competitiveness. I love the men in that locker room. There's something about when a bunch of guys come together for a common goal that can't be put into words. It's something really special . . . I just really have a passion for it, and I think a lot of guys in that locker room do, too."

Are Eagles trying hardest? 'We're not quitters' - Inquirer

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz explained Tuesday that McLeod had a different run-gap responsibility on that play. McLeod said Wednesday that he thought the play was going elsewhere, and when it came to react, Hill had already crossed the goal line. If McLeod dove at that point, he would have been charged with a personal foul. His technique could have been better to avoid being "caught flat-footed," but McLeod thought criticism of his effort was unfair.

"It definitely hurts," McLeod said. "I know what type of player I am and take pride in that. I feel like effort, hard work are all things that got me where I am. That's what my game is built on. When somebody questions or has doubt, it does hurt. . . . I really don't see [why the play drew criticism]. If you look maybe a play before then, any game, any practice film, I'm probably one of the guys that's giving his all out there."

McLeod said that he did not believe any player was the target of Pederson's comment and that the coach wants the players to do anything "to give us the spark or an edge."

Josh McDaniels, Teryl Austin top coaching candidates -

4) Jim Schwartz, defensive coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles: The resurgence of Jack Del Rio in Oakland has opened some minds to a retread NFL head coach again. Schwartz had some success in Detroit and is the perfect fit for a team in search of discipline. The 50-year-old will work well with a team looking to accentuate its defensive playmakers, but he is an acquired taste. Much like Tom Coughlin after his stint in Jacksonville, it will take the right mix of timing and opportunity. Schwartz is not going to mince words during the interview process.

NFL defensive linemen get away with holding penalties. Here’s how. - SB Nation

In 2010, the cheating was made easier by moving the umpire’s position from just behind the defensive line to behind the offense. Just look at the numbers. The year before the umpire moved, in 2009, there were 27 defensive holding calls on defensive linemen. Since the move, there has yet to be a season with more than 14. Conversely, offensive line holding is way up. In 2009, 262 holding calls. Since then, the lowest number of holding calls against offensive linemen has been 313 in 2013.

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