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Philadelphia Eagles Howie Roseman approval poll: December 2016

Things have been better, I guess.

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As we do every month during the regular season, this week we’re starting another series of approval polls to gauge Eagles fans’ takes on the people in charge of the franchise.

This morning we’re going to ask you what you think about the job Howie Roseman has done as the team’s owner.

The last time we checked in on good ol’ Howie’s approval rating, at the beginning of last month, he had 79% approval from fans, down from 97% after the first three weeks of the season.

Now the Eagles are 5-7, and the holes in their roster are obvious and aplenty. Roseman handed out big, costly extensions to Zach Ertz and Vinny Curry during the offseason, both of whom have underperformed this season. The team’s cornerback situation is no better than it was in the last two season collapses, as opposing quarterbacks are slicing up the Eagles’ secondary even without their best wide receiver. And Roseman has so, so much work to do in giving Carson Wentz the weapons he needs to be competitive.

Could those big extensions come back to bite Roseman in the butt? Or is the team writ large just slogging through a season in which it simply isn’t fleshed out with enough talent?

Basically, my take is that after a dozen weeks, we’ve figured out the 2016 Eagles walked into this season unprepared to compete for an entire season. It was sold as a rebuild, which makes it more palatable, but it remains obvious that Roseman needs to do better this offseason if the Eagles want to be in the NFC East conversation.

Still, Wentz has looked good enough this season to keep most fans excited about the future, and that buys Roseman good will (in my eyes) at least until free agency and the draft.

Do you approve of the job Howie Roseman is doing as executive vice president of football operations of the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Roseman Approval Polls:

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