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NFL Week 13 Games: An Open Thread

Footballs, footballs everywhere.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles play at 1:00 today. There are also other football teams playing today. If you’re interested, you should definitely talk about those games.

Here’s what you could be watching:

Dolphins at Ravens, 1:00 CBS — The Dolphins are a confounding three games over .500, and the Ravens are not. I think the Dolphins are going to win. What is happening?

49ers at Bears, 1:00 FOX — What an atrocious football game. Matt Barkley is playing quarterback for Chicago. The 49ers are bad at everything. Please don’t watch this.

Texans at Packers, 1:00 CBS — Hey, this could be fun. The Texans have a good defense. Aaron Rodgers is on a bit of a roll. I’d recommend watching the Packers win.

Chiefs at Falcons, 1:00 CBS — Oh boy. The Falcons are good at scoring points! The Chiefs are strangely good, especially the defense. I’ll take the Chiefs, but it should be good.

Rams at Patriots, 1:00 FOX — This game might end 69-0.

Lions at Saints, 1:00 FOX — You like points? You’re gonna want to watch this game. Because there will be points. More for the Lions, probably.

Broncos at Jaguars, 1:00 CBS — Unsurprisingly, the Jags are bad this year and the Broncos are good. Do not watch this, and also do not pick the Jaguars.

Bills at Raiders, 4:05 CBS — Welcome to 2016: this is a good football game. The Raiders are super duper good this year, which is awesome. I’m picking them.

Buccaneers at Chargers, 4:25 FOX — The Bucs are pushing towards a wild card spot, while the Chargers aren’t doing much good. I’d take the Bucs, but, hey, who knows?

Washington at Cardinals, 4:25 FOX — Can Kurt Coupons do a thing? He’s been kind of ...solid... this season? The Cardinals have been very up and down. I think Washington wins.

Giants at Steelers, 4:25 FOX — How do the Giants have eight wins this season? I think they lose.


This is an open thread; discuss the sports below!

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