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Eagles news: Jason Peters, the ageless wonder

News and notes for 12/22

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Pederson wants Jason Peters back next season - Daily News

“I think he’s very capable of (playing) another couple of seasons,’’ Eagles coach Doug Pederson said Wednesday morning. “He’s really done a great job from a health standpoint and his weight and managing all of that.

“I think Stout (offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland) has done a good job of monitoring him in practice and not taking the full complement of reps throughout the week.

“He’s one of those guys, I can go back to some of the conversations we had back in the spring and how do you manage a Jason Peters. I feel like we’ve done that extremely well this season.

“He feels fresh. He feels healthy. A Pro Bowl season. I look forward to working with him in the future.’’

Eagles not using time productively - Daily News

"We've gotten in (the red zone)," Pederson said Wednesday. "We've scored points. But we're kicking field goals. They need to be touchdowns."

The Eagles' 50 red-zone visits are the eighth most in the league. But too many of them have ended on the foot of Sturgis. His 37 field-goal attempts and 32 makes both are the second most in the NFL.

The Eagles have been the football equivalent of a station-to-station baseball team this season. Remember those days not so long ago when the Phillies seemed incapable of going from first to third on a single? Well, that's the 2016 Eagles.

They've had 27 scoring drives - field goals and touchdowns - of 60 yards or more. Only five of them have been fewer than eight plays. Thirteen of those 27 drives have been 12 plays or more. They are incapable of quick-strike scores.

Some of that has to do with the horizontal nature of Pederson's dink-and-dunk offense. But the fact of the matter is, the Eagles just don't have the outside weapons to pick up big chunks of yardage in single bites. If the Eagles had an A.J. Green or a Julio Jones or an Odell Beckham Jr., you can damn well bet Pederson would have Wentz throwing it down the field to him.

Members of the Eagles find common ground through spiritual devotion - ESPN

Part of the appeal seems to be that what has been created is not just for the devout. Kendricks, for one, says he has never even read the Bible. It was a simple statement made under his breath that led him further down this path. The announcement of upcoming baptisms was made during a prayer group, to which Kendricks muttered: "Damn, I've never been baptized before."

A couple of players heard him and encouraged him to do it. Kendricks was hesitant. But when it was explained as simply an acknowledgment of faith, he took the plunge.

The presence of faith is not unique to the Eagles, though the way in which it has manifested might be.

"You look at the outside world and where some of us have come from and where our family and friends are or what we're able to do with the sport that we love, with helping people, being in a position to hold platforms that help others or enlighten others, or just make someone's day. There is some weight to it. And it's a blessing,” Kendricks said.

Bill Davis joining Buckeyes' coaching staff as defensive assistant -

It appears Ohio State has found its replacement for Luke Fickell on the Buckeyes' defensive coaching staff.

The team announced on Wednesday that Bill Davis, a former NFL defensive coordinator and long-time friend of Urban Meyer, will join the staff at the conclusion of this season. Davis, 51, worked as an analyst with the Buckeyes this year.

Davis' role within the defensive staff, and the position group he will coach will be announced at the conclusion of this season.

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