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Power ranking round up: Eagles bottom out

Got a few bonus points for a close loss though

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Another close loss by the Eagles sees them fall to 5-9, but would it also see them fall in power rankings? Yes and no.

SB Nation - 26th (last week: 23rd)

No write up

NFL - 26th (last week: 26)

At first, didn't like Doug Pederson going for the win late Sunday. Thought that carrying the momentum from scoring that late touchdown (on a sweet Carson Wentz run) would spill over into overtime. The Eagles' defense was holding Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco in check, particularly on third down. But think about it: Why not go for the win on the road? Philadelphia isn't fighting for a playoff berth, and the opportunity to try for the victory presented an even rarer opportunity to display confidence in your rookie quarterback in a truly meaningful moment. How many of those are left in a 5-9 season?

Yahoo - 26th (last week: 26)

You’d rather have Carson Wentz play well from beginning to end, but it was a good sign that he hung in there and led the Eagles to a late touchdown against a tough Ravens defense, scoring on a nice run with four seconds left. The Eagles were right to go for the two-point conversion, too. It just didn’t work out. But the final drive was a positive at the end of an otherwise rough day for Wentz.

Fox Sports - 27th (last week: 25)

Since his red-hot start, Carson Wentz has been one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL, if not the very worst. Some of that has been due to his lack of help at receiver, but he’s become careless with the football, and it’s costing the Eagles wins. Philadelphia is out of the playoff race now, so it can focus on figuring things out for 2017.

ESPN - 24th (last week: 27th)

Remember Carson Wentz's streak without an interception to start the season? He has thrown an interception in each of his past five, totaling eight picks in those games, all Eagles losses. Philly hopes to get the Wentz Wagon rolling again Thursday versus the Giants.

Bleacher Report - 25th (last week: 26th)

Doug Pederson has made plenty of questionable calls in his first season in Philadelphia.

Sunday’s two-point try was not among them. I respect the Eagles coach for going all-in; at best, you win the game, and at worst, you see rookie Carson Wentz in a crucial moment.

Especially with the way Pederson’s secondary played down the stretch. Baltimore was just the latest in a laundry list of opponents to expose Philadelphia’s speed problems on the back end. It’s the No. 1 reason why the City of Brotherly Love won’t experience playoff football this winter.

After ranking an average of 26th last week, they rank, you guessed it, 26th. Barring a really embarrassing loss to the Giants or Cowboys and late season run by the Bears, Jets or Rams, the Eagles aren’t going to drop any further, so the Eagles have settled at their bottom. Glass half full: there’s no where to go but up!

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