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Power ranking round up: Eagles find a soft landing after a hard loss

Close loss, small drop

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

The Eagles lost a close divisional game with a line up that saw four players leave the game due to injury. Would the power rankers knock them for it too harshly?

SB Nation - 23rd (last week: 21st)

No write up

NFL - 26th (last week: 25th)

The Eagles made it interesting Sunday, with the ball and a chance late in the fourth quarter.Carson Wentz couldn't pull out the win, although the rookie quarterback bounced back nicely after a miserable outing in Cincinnati. To be honest, many of the issues with Wentz have nothing to do with Wentz. The Eagles are devoid of playmakers on offense. Losing Darren Sproles in the second half didn't help, either. That said, big ups to Trey Burton, who not only caught seven balls but volunteered to deep snap on Philly's go-ahead field goal in the fourth quarter (and delivered). Maybe the Cardinals should trade for him.

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Fox Sports - 25th (last week: 24th)

Carson Wentz had a solid game against the Redskins, improving his mechanics and showing great pocket awareness. His improved play wasn’t enough to match the high-powered offense of Washington, though. It’s fairly clear where the Eagles need to improve in the offseason: Wentz needs plenty of help around him on offense.

Yahoo - 26th (last week: 24th)

This is why good offensive tackles are so important. The Eagles have a revolving door at right tackle after Lane Johnson’s suspension. Ryan Kerrigan barely slowed down breezing past Matt Tobin, the Eagles’ fourth option at right tackle, on his way to a strip-sack of Carson Wentz with the game on the line. That probably doesn’t happen if Johnson was in the lineup.

ESPN - 27th (last week: 20th)

Carson Wentz is on pace to throw 613 passes this season, which would be an Eagles franchise record. Having a rookie throw that much is not a recipe for success, and with four straight losses, it obviously hasn't been. The Eagles head to Baltimore in Week 15.

Bleacher Report - 26th (last week: 26th)

Eagles fans: Please redirect your panic to the offensive line and secondary.

Carson Wentz made a few throws in Week 14 that proved what I’ve said all along—the kid’s a baller. But he’s playing behind a line without both guards and a right tackle. Eventually, trouble’s bound to find him.

It feels that way with this defense sometimes, too. Teams look for Leodis McKelvin and fire. Sometimes, the veteran cornerback wins, like he did on a pick-six. More often than not, he’s chasing DeSean Jackson down the field wondering what just happened.

Pro Football Talk - 23rd (last week: 23rd)

Well, at least they won’t have to worry about Jim Schwartz being snatched up as a head coach elsewhere.

The power rankers were pretty understading. Two power rankers didn’t move the Eagles at all, one moved them down one spot, and two moved them down two spots. That’s a drop from 23rd to 25th, the 8th worst team in the league.

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