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Power ranking round up: Eagles slip out of reach of the top 10

Birds fall after another loss

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

A close loss. To a division rival. On the road. Would the power rankings that be grade the Eagles on a curve?

SB Nation - 11th (last week: 9th)

no write up - 10th (last week: 8th)

Well, Doug Pederson must've heard the complaints about him being a Conservative Connie (in a football sense, not politically). A week after taking heavy criticism for not stepping on the gas pedal in Dallas, Pederson played to the masses and went for it on two key fourth downs in the first half ... and got stuffed on both. At least his special teams unit made up for it by allowing a blocked field goal on another first-half possession. Those empty trips to the Giants' side of the field cost the Eagles the game. Is it just me, or do Carson Wentz and Jordan Matthews often seem to notbe on the same page?

ESPN - 18th (last week 10th)

82 percent: The Eagles started the season 3-0 and had an 82 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to NFL FPI. That was fifth best in the NFL at the time.

29 percent: Since dropping four of their next five, the Eagles' playoff chances have dipped to 29 percent, according to FPI, 16th in the NFL. The Eagles have the second-hardest remaining strength of schedule (.602).

Yahoo - 15th (last week: 11th)

I’m not quite sure why the Eagles have given up on Ryan Mathews. He has played just eight snaps in each of Philadelphia’s last two games, with Darren Sproles getting almost all of the action. Mathews hasn’t been great but he hasn’t been bad either. The Eagles could use a better running game instead of asking quarterback Carson Wentz to do it all.

Bleacher Report - 11th (last week: 8th)

Make up your mind, Doug Pederson.

Is your Eagles team the kind that’ll kick a field goal when it's trailing by a touchdown? Or is it the kind that’ll roll the dice on fourth down and try to move the sticks?

Answer those questions before a critical divisional game against a hated rival. Then, if you plan on pushing the envelope, make sure you have better plays on tap than a weak Carson Wentz sweep. That’s how you force rookies to make mistakes.

Philadelphia lost its edge because of poor coaching, not poor overall play. Pederson needs to turn his season around before his team can.

Fox Sports - 16th (last week: 11th)

After a scorching hot start, Carson Wentz and the Eagles have cooled off a bit, falling all the way to 4-4. Their struggles have mostly come on offense, but cornerback is a weak spot of the defense and isn’t likely to improve. They have one of the toughest remaining schedules with only one opponent having a losing record.

Pro Football Talk - 16th (last week: 13th)

Making Carson Wentz Look Like A Rookie Again.

This was the largest discrepancy between rankings we’ve seen so far this year. Most moved the Eagles down just a few notches after yet another close loss, but ESPN was particularly unkind, dropping them 8 spots. The Eagles fell from an average of 10th to an average of 14th. At this point in the season that’s a little harsh for a close, divisional loss, but take out the ESPN ranking and they’re 11th on aggregate.

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