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Philadelphia Eagles Howie Roseman approval poll: November 2016

What do you think of Howie Roseman’s first season back in power so far?

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Yesterday we began a series of approval polls to mark this moment in Eagles franchise history: halfway through the 2016 season, with the Eagles sitting at 4-4 and last in the NFC East. As of this story’s publishing, Jeffrey Lurie’s approval poll from Tuesday sits just above 70 percent.

Today, we look at executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman.

The last time we asked you about Roseman’s performance as the team’s man in charge of personnel was September of this year. The Eagles were 3-0, and Carson Wentz was an absolute stud with no interceptions heading into the bye week. The results were expectedly positive: Roseman received a rave 97 percent approval rate.

Now, one trade deadline, two arrests, and four losses later, we ask you to evaluate Roseman’s job halfway through the season. He has plenty of work to do if he wants to field a team capable of competing in the NFC. There are glaring gaps at wide receiver and cornerback, and the running back position also needs to be addressed.

There’s the case of whether Roseman handled the trade deadline correctly: by not making a deal for a wide receiver, namely Torrey Smith, Roseman subjected Carson Wentz to the weakest wide receiver corps in the NFL for the remained of the season with no chance of parole. The deal the 49ers were looking for was likely too high, which means Roseman probably made the right decision. But he also didn’t help his team.

Roseman also likely had a big hand in the Eagles’ "collaborative" effort to release Josh Huff after his arrest last week. Head coach Doug Pederson seemed to be under the impression that Huff would be retained early in the week, but after a meeting with Roseman, Lurie, and other coaches, the team released Huff.

Roseman’s explanation for the move was largely fluffy PR verbiage. I think it was the right move, but plenty of people have differing opinions on the team’s decision, one that, again, Roseman probably had plenty of influence over.

All that said, Roseman’s team is still 4-4 in a season widely expected to be a rebuilding one, and he still seems to have nailed the most important move of his return to power: finding the franchise its quarterback.

Do you approve of the job Howie Roseman is doing as executive vice president of football operations of the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Roseman Approval Polls:

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