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Packers will be make or break for Eagles pass catchers

Weakness vs weakness!

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

They say winning cures all ills, but that’s just not true. The Eagles are 5-5, which isn’t winning but is pretty good for a team that hit the reset button in the offseason. But after individual wins, the ills of the Eagles pass catchers haven’t been forgotten. If that’s still the case on Tuesday, then the wide receiver situation may be hopeless. It reminds me of that joke about the optimist and the pessimist. The pessimist says "Everything is terrible. It can't get any worse." The optimist says "Oh, yes it can."

The Packers pass defense is as bad as the Eagles pass catchers. They have the 2nd worst passer rating against, the worst yards per attempt against, the worst adjusted yards per attempt against and the worst touchdown percentage against. They’re terrible.

It’s not just wide receivers that trouble them. The Packers have given up the second most yards per game and third most yards per catch vs tight ends. They’ve given up at least 31 points in their last four games.

If Carson Wentz’s targets can’t look competent against this defense, feel free to completely and totally freak out if you haven’t already.

Three & Out

1 Desperate times again call for desperate measures

Highlighting the Eagles struggles, everyone is excited for call up of Paul Turner, who has spent the whole season being not good enough to play in the worst group of WRs in the league. But we saw this before with Bryce Treggs, who in his first game had more receiving yards than starter Nelson Agholor has ever had in a game, giving the Eagles some much need speed to be respected. So it’s a low bar for Turner, who, if his preseason was any indication, brings another needed trait to the WR group: the ability to catch a pass. If he plays, he should have his chances against the Packers awful secondary.

2 Jeff Stoutland deserves a lot of credit

Earlier in the season I criticized offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland for not developing any players. But he’s done masterful work with veterans. With both starting tackles missing time, there was a lot of reshuffling by Allen Barbre, and he played really well against a strong defensive front. Stefen Wisniewski has played very well when called upon, and did so again on Sunday. The Eagles are still lacking in developing young players, but they’ve done a really good job with guys who’ve already been developed.

3 Thanks to the schedule makers?

Did you know this is this is the fifth straight year the Eagles do not play on the Sunday of Thanksgiving week? Four years ago they played on Monday night after Thanksgiving. Three years ago they were on their bye. The past two years the Eagles played on Thanksgiving. This year play on Monday night. They haven’t played on a Sunday the week of Thanksgiving since 2011. It’s like having an extra day on a holiday weekend.

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