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Eagles news: Paul Turner could help Jordan Matthews be more productive

News and notes for 11/25

NFL: Preaseason-New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Addition of Paul Turner could give Jordan Matthews more chances to line up outside for Eagles - Philly Voice

Turner's impact, however, could be felt much more quickly, mainly because of the role he'll play in Pederson's offense.

"I see [Turner] more as inside," the rookie head coach said when asked where we can expect to see the 5-foot-10, 193-pound receiver line up on Monday night.

"Jordan [Matthews] has been inside," Pederson added. "Jordan is also equipped to play outside, as well. We can move him around in some different spots there. But I do see Paul as more of an inside receiver. Jordan can play both inside and out."

And according to Matthews, the third-year wideout out of Vanderbilt, that's music to his ears.

"I would love to [play more outside WR]," Matthews said. "I've talked about it before; whenever you don't have to be one dimensional, and teams can't game plan for you in one area, it's so much better. I think too many people make too much of a thing about being solely an outside receiver or inside receiver.

"If you switch it up, which most teams do, then it's more of an element of surprise you can attack teams with."

Former top picks have advice for Agholor - Inquirer

Graham said it took him a while to stop listening to what the outside world was saying. Drafted in 2010, the defensive end was injured early in his career, then languished low on Jim Washburn's depth chart and then had to endure a scheme change.

Some fans and media ignored those obstacles. They just saw that he was drafted 13th overall, one spot ahead of perennial Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas, and weren't afraid of reminding him. Graham said that through the help of his family and friends he was able to turn off the noise.

"I have a wife that always tells me, 'Get off social media. Why are you looking? You know you can't handle it. So don't even go there,' " Graham said. "It's like once I grew up, now I know. It's going to be ups and downs, but you got to stay even-keeled."

Bowen: Don't worry about Carson Wentz - Daily News

Every week reporters covering the Eagles talk to the opposing coach and a prominent player on a conference call. Every week there are questions about what those guys see when they watch film of Wentz. Of course, when you're getting ready to play somebody, you tend to err on the side of elaborate praise, but most weeks, the opponents cite specific points, plays or situations that impressed them.

Here is what Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Wednesday: "I've seen a decent amount, with some of the common opponents we've had, and (am) very impressed. From the start, just watching the way he handles his media obligations, the way he handled draft night, he obviously is a very mature young man, and he's been playing really well - taking care of the football and making good decisions . . . Some of the throws he had late against Washington were really impressive. He can throw from numerous platforms, with his feet different spots. Obviously, he's got a big-time arm, but you see the anticipation on film, even in the Chicago game (just Wentz's second NFL start), he stood in there a couple of times and took some big hits, delivered the ball very accurately. I think he's well on his way.

"He comes off as a very humble guy. That plays well in any locker room. Handles himself with a touch of class."

Aaron Rodgers: Packers, at 4-6, can close with 6 straight wins - ESPN

Aaron Rodgers ended his postgame news conference after Sunday night's loss at Washington by saying he is "very optimistic" the Green Bay Packers can still turn their season around.

No one asked him why until three days later.

When presented with the natural, albeit delayed, follow-up question on Wednesday, Rodgers took it a step -- or six -- further.

"I feel like we can run the table, I really do," Rodgers said. "The offense is starting to click a little bit more; we've just got to put together a game where we're more consistent from the first snap to the last. We've been, I think, getting closer to that. We've really been clicking, at times, in the last few games.

"But it's going to be important that we get going early. We had three three-and-outs to start the [Redskins] game, but overall on the season, we've done a better job of limiting our three-and-outs; we've been sustaining drives pretty well."

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