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Week 11 Power Rankings

Houston Texans v Oakland Raiders Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

1 Cowboys (last week: 1)

The Cowboys are 9-1 for the fourth time in their history. The first three never won a playoff game.

2 Seahawks (last week: 2)

After spending all season playing to the level of their competition, Seattle puts away a good team. If this is them turning a corner, they’re going to be near impossible to beat.

3 Patriots (last week: 4)

Kind of disappointing to only score 30 against the 49ers.

4 Raiders (last week: 5)

Just win baby. The 8-2 Raiders are 6-1 in one score games.

5 Broncos (last week: 6)

Bye week.

6 Falcons (last week: 7)

Also on a bye week. Boring.

7 Chiefs (last week: 3)

Kansas City has scored 19, 20 and 17 points the last three weeks. This week: at the Broncos, who are coming off their bye.

8 Giants (last week: 9)

It’s a been weeks since we’ve heard the Giants complain about Odell Beckham. It’s also been weeks since they lost. HMM.

9 Redskins (last week: 10)

Kirk Cousins beat up one of the worst defenses in the league then yelled at his GM, but it was on Vine so it was good.

10 Steelers (last week: 12)

Pittsburgh snapped a four game losing streak by spending most of their game against the Browns by playing like crap, but now they’re in first and are in position to strangely go like 5-1 and win the AFC North by three games.

11 Lions (last week: 13)

The 6-4 Lions are 6-4 in one score games.

12 Eagles (last week: 8)

They came to Seattle. They saw Seattle. They were conquered by Seattle.

13 Vikings (last week: 15)

20-28 169 yards 1 TD, that’s a Sam Bradford win.

14 Cardinals (last week: 11)

See the above stat line. They lost to that.

15 Dolphins (last week: 17)

Continuing this theme... Ryan Tannehill went 24-34 172 yards 2 TD 1 INT and won, because they played the Rams.

16 Chargers (last week: 18)

The Chargers were on their bye week but still have the 2nd most points scored.

17 Bills (last week: 19)

5-5 Buffalo lost 2 in a row, then won 4 in a row, then lost 3 in a row, then won on Sunday. The play the Jaguars, then the Raiders and Steelers, then the Browns, Dolphins and Jets. So WLLWWW, 9-7?

18 Texans (last week: 14)

The Texans will stumble into a division title and people will say Brock Osweiler “led” them to it.

19 Saints (last week: 16)

Drew Brees needs some help. New Orleans fell to 2-4 when their defense gives up less than 30 points.

20 Colts (last week: 22)

Indianapolis scored 3 points in the final three quarters in their win against the Titans. Against another team that gets you a loss.

21 Buccaneers (last week: 24)

The Bucs were always going to go the way Jameis Winston went, and don’t look now but in his last five games he’s got 11 TDs and just 2 INTs.

22 Panthers (last week: 26)

Carolina is 3-1 since their bye and only 2 games out of first in the NFC South. Playoff run?

23 Ravens (last week: 20)

Paper tigers all year long. If they hadn’t won a Super Bowl in 2012 Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh would be on the hot seat.

24 Bengals (last week: 21)

Good news Bengals fans, you won’t have to get upset in January when the Bengals lose another playoff game.

25 Titans (last week: 23)

Tennessee’s defense had perhaps their best game in over a month. They gave up a TD on the first three possessions the Colts had.

26 Rams (last week: 25)

In his five seasons with the Rams, Jeff Fisher has lost six of his first ten games five times.

27 Packers (last week: 27)

Fire everyone but Aaron Rodgers.

28 Bears (last week: 28)

Jay Cutler is done for the year, and for his Bears career. It’s better for everyone.

29 Jets (last week: 29)

30 Jaguars (last week: 30)

Whatever it is that Gus Bradley built down there in Jacksonville, he better use it.

31 49ers (last week: 31)

The 49ers play the Bears in a couple of weeks. So maybe they won’t lose 15 straight.

32 Browns (last week: 32)

Still haven’t been eliminated from the AFC North. What a terrible division.

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