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NFL Week 11 discussion thread

Football while you wait for football

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles don’t play until 4:25, so you have plenty of viewing options for the early games if you have Sunday Ticket:

Bears at Giants, 1pm, FOX. The Giants could theoretically end the day with the 2nd best record in the NFL. That’s kind of crazy, but not as crazy as if the Alshon Jeffery-less Bears pull off the win.

Cardinals at Vikings, 1pm, FOX. When the schedule makers saw this game they probably thought it would be a good SNF flex option. Now it’s a generally unappealing game between a team on a four game losing streak and a team without a winning record. Go Cardinals, for Eagles draft pick purposes.

Steelers at Browns, 1pm, CBS. The Browns could lose today and still not be eliminated from winning the AFC North.

Ravens at Cowboys, 1pm, CBS. The Ravens defense is good enough to win this game, they have one of if not the best run defense in the league and their pass defense is pretty darn good too. But their offense is bad enough to lose it, We’re past the halfway point and Joe Flacco has more turnovers than TDs and their best running back has 3.9 yards per carry.

Titans at Colts, 1pm, CBS. Former Eagle DeMarco Murray and former nearly Eagle Frank Gore, what’s not to love? The answer is the Colts, who are pretty bad.

Bills at Bengals, 1pm, FOX. This seems like the least interesting game of the week.

Jaguars at Lions, 1pm, CBS. The Lions have a habit of playing games that are maybe closer than they should be, leading to some high blood pressure fourth quarters. The Jaguars have a habit of making games look closer than they should be when Blake Bortles piles up the garbage time stats.

Buccaneers at Chiefs, 1pm, FOX. I can not think of a single reason to watch this game, even if you have fantasy players in it.

Dolphins at Rams, 4:05, FOX. Hey look at that, Jared Goff gets to start. Maybe he can do better than Ryan Tannehill, who has been awful this year.

New England at San Fransisco, 4:25, FOX. This is going to be a bloodbath.

Discuss below!

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