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The refs in the Eagles game missed an obvious helmet-to-helmet hit

Real bad.

Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Eagles are losing, 15-13, to the Falcons. That’s enough cause for consternation among Eagles fans.

But Jordan Matthews was absolutely obliterated by a painfully obvious helmet-to-helmet hit early in the fourth quarter, and the referees did nothing about it. The whistles were swallowed.

This is the best angle as evidence of a blatant helmet-to-helmet hit indeed being a blatant helmet-to-helmet hit, frozen at the point of contact and zoomed in for emphasis, courtesy of Billy Penn’s Dan Levy:

There were no gray areas on this play. Matthews was hit in the head. That is a penalty. Everyone saw it.

Do better, NFL. Do better.

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