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NFL Week 10 Games: An Open Thread

Good lord, it’s already Week 10.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, a football day to take our minds off literally everything else in the country for a few hours! How great.

Here are the sports happening today that aren’t the Eagles game:

Texans at Jaguars, 1:00 CBS — Hard pass. Brock Osweiler is tall and bad. Blake Bortles is slightly less tall and also bad. This is a bad football game. Texans win.

Chiefs at Panthers, 1:00 CBS — Now this is more like it. Two tremendous defenses face off, with the Panthers looking better than they did before their bye. I like the Chiefs, though.

Rams at Jets, 1:00 FOX — The final game before the Jared Goff era begins? This game also stinks. Bryce Petty is starting for the Jets. So, yeah, the Rams win.

Packers at Titans, 1:00 FOX — Um... the Titans’ defense is good? I think the Packers win this game, but hey, maybe #Mariota surprises everyone. The Pack are middling this year.

Vikings at Washington, 1:00 FOX — Kurt Coupons vs. Sam Bradford? Sign me the hell up. The Vikings keep losing, which is great news for the Eagles’ draft prospects.

Bears at Bucs, 1:00 FOX — Jay Cutler throws picks. So does Jameis Winston. This should be mildly entertaining, if only because Mike Evans is incredible. Gimme the Bucs.

Broncos at Saints, 1:00 CBS — A tremendous offense (Saints) against a stonewall of a defense (Broncos) should yield great results. I like Drew Brees in an upset.

Dolphins at Chargers, 4:05 CBS — Ew. Philip Rivers is normally good theater, but I just don’t enjoy watching the Dolphins play football. Give me the Bolts, I suppose.

49ers at Cardinals, 4:25 FOX — Chip Kelly is... having a rough go this year. Will he lose out after winning in Week 1? That’d be kind of funny, honestly. I think the Cards win.

Cowboys at Steelers, 4:25 FOX — The Steelers need a bounce back game, and this would certainly be a great time for one, as far as Eagles fans are concerned. I think Pittsburgh takes the upset.


This is an open thread; discuss the sports below!

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