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NFL Draft Player of the Week: WR John Ross III

The best deep threat in the baton showed out against California

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Though week ten of college football certainly did not have the marquee match ups that previous weeks have had, there were still a bevy of impressive performances at many different positions. Of all the impressive performances, none were quite as stunning as Washington wide receiver John Ross and his utter dismantling of the California defense.

John Ross does not have prototypical size for a number one wide receiver, standing at only 5-10 and 190 pounds. However, his speed is so spellbinding that it overwhelms defenses. Against California, Ross racked up six catches for over two hundred yards and three touchdowns. Somehow more impressive stat line is the fact that Ross was forced to adjust on under thrown passes on a few of his big plays and was able to create yards after the catch beautifully.

Ross' overwhelming speed will surely continue to be at the college level and there is no doubt he can make a similar impact at the NFL level. Not only is Ross a great athlete, he is a goo technician and has dependable hands, no doubt a combination that will excite Eagles fans.

The trouble with smaller receivers is often that they aren't as prone to scoring as much as the bigger, red zone types. However, John Ross is scoring on 32% of his catches, which is higher than Corey Coleman's touchdown percentage last year and nearly 13 points higher than Dez Bryant's best college season. Ross is a big play threat who can score at any moment and last week was no different.

Other impressive performances:

D'Onta Foreman, Running Back, Texas: Though Texas Tech's defense is basically as stingy as soggy bread, a running back who can get 340 rushing yards at over ten yards per carry on any defense deserves recognition. The big bodied Longhorn runner (6-1, 250) has incredible athletic ability for his size and it was on full display as he spent most of saturday outrunning or running over Texas Tech defenders.

Corey Davis, Wide Receiver, WMU: Corey Davis is also in the conversation with John Ross in terms of being one of the most dangerous players in the country. Davis posted three touchdowns against Ball State in three different ways. He had a beautiful play where he won at the catch point to score a touchdown, another where his route running got him separation deep and his last one was an impressive catch and run that showed off his vision and speed as a runner. Davis is probably the best all around talent at wide receiver in the NFL draft and it was on full display against ball State.

Zach Cunningham, Linebacker, Vanderbilt: Despite having a massively tough match up against an explosive Auburn offense, linebacker Zach Cunningham had an impressive game to keep the Commodores close with the Tigers and their explosive running game. Like usual, Cunningham was all over the field, making plays behind the line and important stops in the passing game. He even had an important blocked kick to keep the game close. Auburn's offense is going to force defenders to make mistakes and no doubt Cunningham had his, but his overall impact on the game was incredibly impressive for just one player.

Jamaal Adams, Safety, LSU: Despite playing in a losing effort, Jamaal Adams did everything in his power to eek out a win for LSU. The 6-2, 210 pound safety was excellent defending the run game and made an impact in the passing game as well. His athletic ability and strength were on full display with him attacking the line of scrimmage. Adams is one of the biggest impact defenders in this class and it was exciting to see him show his versatility against Alabama.

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