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Report: Josh Huff arrested for speeding, in possession of gun, weed

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Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Josh Huff was reportedly arrested early Tuesday morning for speeding over the Walt Whitman Bridge, according to multiple reports. First hinted at by Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad, and then first officially reported by CBS, it appears Huff was in possession of marijuana and a gun.

From CBS:

It is unknown if the gun is registered and if he has a permit.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s office is investigating.

Huff, of course, isn’t the first Eagle to be arrested this season.

Linebacker Nigel Bradham was arrested twice in the past six months, once for punching a pool boy in Miami, and again roughly a month ago for attempting to carry a gun on to an airplane on a return flight from Miami.

[UPDATE 1:09 PM] - The Eagles have released a statement on the situation:

"We are aware of the incident today involving Josh Huff. At this point, we are gathering more information."

This is a developing story. We’ll update this post with information when we know more.