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Eagles at Lions winners and losers

The Eagles lost, and so did Eagles

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles lost to the Lions 24-23 to fall to 3-1 on the year. This was clearly their worst game of the season, and there will be plenty to talk about. Let’s get it started.


There wasn’t much to be happy about after this game, but there were a couple of bright spots.

Nigel Bradham

The Eagles defense was awful in the first half with him on the bench (more on that later), but once he returned the whole unit played better. Part of that is certainly whatever the coaches said and did during halftime, but it’s no coincidence that a unit played better when a starter returned to action.

Darren Sproles

Darren Sproles is listed as a running back but he’s really a highly skilled utility player: good pass catcher, good punt returner, and when the matchup is right, an effective running back. Today was one of those days. Sproles looked quick, shifty and not at all like a 33 year old player. You don’t get these kind of games from Sproles on the ground often, and the Eagles squandered it.


The Eagles

They lost. And they lost ugly. The first half was embarrassing, the defense was as flat as can be and let Theo Riddick run roughshod all over them. Though Carson Wentz looked fine, the offense as a whole wasn’t much better. Combined, they created a hole that meant the Eagles scoring 20 straight points in the second half wasn’t enough.

Doug Pederson

Pederson took his first loss as a head coach, and he deserves plenty of criticism for it. The Eagles were coming off a bye and looked like they were still on it. That’s on Pederson, it’s his job to have his team ready to play, and the Eagles weren’t. And his game plan was questionable. The Lions have been simply awful at defending tight ends, and Pederson didn’t attack with his three tight ends.

Ryan Mathews

You have to have to hands on the ball in that situation. Ball security is paramount at the end of a game.

Nelson Agholor

Darius Slay might have interfered with him, but Agholor had no idea where the ball was on the interception. He has to become a defender there and do whatever it takes to prevent the INT.

Mychal Kendricks

With Nigel Bradham apparently benched after his arrest for bringing a loaded gun to an airport, Kendricks got his chance to show he deserves more playing time. He failed miserably. Kendricks wasn’t the only player at fault for Riddick having his way with the Eagles in the first half, but he was a key reason why.

Jason Kelce

Kelce continues to struggle. In both halves he did not hear or see Wentz calling for the ball to be snapped and the Eagles had to take a delay of game. Kelce can’t seem to string together good games.

The Refs

The Eagles played a sloppy game and deserved to lose, but the refs were awful. They missed holds against Eagles defensive linemen, they missed a pass interference in the end zone DGB, and incredibly they called Connor Barwin illegally downfield and almost negated a tremendous throw by Carson Wentz. Referees aren’t perfect, but there’s no excuse for calling a penalty on the offense on #98. Offensive players can’t wear that number. And their ruling of the Lions recovering Ryan Mathews’ fumble was iffy at best, and Agholor may have been interfered with on Wentz’s interception.

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