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NFL Week 5 Games: An Open Thread


NFL: Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles play at 1:00! Finally. However, other teams play today, too, so if you want to talk about them with the rest of BGN, this is the place!

Here’s what’s happening around the league today:

Washington at Ravens, 1:00 FOX - Kirk Cousins vs. Joe Flacco, the ultimate matchup of middling quarterbacks with outsized reputations. Gimme Flacco.

Titans at Dolphins, 1:00 CBS - This game is going to suuuuuuck. Marcus Mariota is falling apart, but the Dolphins are also not very good. Seriously, no clue who wins.

Texans at Vikings, 1:00 CBS - The Vikings have been the best team in the NFC this year. The Texans are still an enigma. Should be good? Vikes win.

Bears at Colts, 1:00 FOX - Bears beat a blue-and-white team with a good QB and not much else last week. They’ll do it again, because the Colts are just bad. Sorry, Andrew.

Jets at Steelers, 1:00 CBS - The Steelers are going to score 40 points and make the Eagles’ Week 3 win look better and better and better.

Patriots at Browns, 1:00 CBS - U G L Y. Tom Brady back. Browns are booty. Pats win in a screamer.

Falcons at Broncos, 4:05 FOX - Game of the week, and it’s not close. The Falcons’ unstoppable offense vs. the Broncos’ immovable defense. Can’t wait for this one.

Chargers at Raiders, 4:25 CBS - Should be a fairly competitive game. I’m all aboard the Derek Carr bandwagon, so I’m giving the Raiders the nod to move to 4-1.

Bills at Rams, 4:25 CBS - The Rams are 3-1. The Rams are 3-1. The Rams are 3-1. The Rams are 3-1. The Rams are 3-1. The Rams are 3-1. The Rams are 3-1. The Rams ar

Bengals at Cowboys, 4:25 CBS - This’ll be Dallas’s biggest test of the year, albeit a mild one. Andy Dalton and the Bengals will prove too much for the Cowboys.

Giants at Packers, 8:30 NBC - Very interested to see how Odell Beckham Jr. plays this week. Don’t think it matters, Pack win, but still interested.

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