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Eagles news: NFL talent evaluators still love Wentz

News and notes for 10/30

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Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Polling NFL execs: Would you rather have Wentz or Prescott? - ESPN (Insider)

Most of the evaluators I polled before the draft had Wentz as the top QB prospect. They saw him as a prospect with uncommon athletic ability, training in a pro-style offense, demonstrable toughness, good throwing accuracy and a personality that lends itself to leadership. One GM spoke for others when he said Wentz reminded him of Ben Roethlisberger.

"I think Wentz is more of a pure accurate thrower [than Prescott]," a personnel director said. "It will be interesting to see them when Dak really has to win it. Right now, you have seen enough plays with Wentz, who does not have nearly the supporting cast, and I have seen bigger upside."

Wentz started the season quickly before tailing off some as the Eagles fell behind in games and his job became tougher. Wentz's ability to keep his composure under fire after the Eagles lost right tackle Lane Johnson to a 10-game suspension has affirmed what evaluators thought of him coming out of North Dakota State.

"Lane Johnson gets suspended, and then you see [Redskins outside linebacker] Ryan Kerrigan get three sacks in the first half," one evaluator said. "Wentz never bats an eye. He stays back there, and he is going to throw it. He is not scared, he is not nervous, he does not have happy feet. He just stood back there and took it like he was a five-year vet. His technique didn't change."

Eagles offense needs a Z-pak, from Wentz to Ertz - Daily News

But if the Eagles' offense is going to operate at anything close to maximum efficiency, Ertz must catch more than five passes every three games.

"It's just a matter of the quarterback and the receivers all getting on the same page," coach Doug Pederson said Friday.

"These are the things that we're working with and through with Carson. Just understanding the personnel that's on the field, the play design, the play-call, and just knowing where everybody is at on the football field. That's why every snap and every rep is so valuable for Carson.

"But I know this: Down the stretch, when you get in the last half of the season, or the last quarter of the season, especially in (cold) weather games, tight ends become a quarterback's friend."

Eagles-Cowboys brings memories of late Birds broadcaster - Inquirer

As WIP's sports director, Swift offered sports updates and minute-long commentaries - insightful audio columns - throughout the day. He was the lead Eagles announcer from 1969 through 1977. He and Al Meltzer shared duties on the telecasts of Palestra doubleheaders. He called 76ers games on Prism.

Listeners felt that he was their friend. John Paul Weber, a WIP colleague, said that while Philadelphians traditionally were hypercritical of sports announcers, the station received few complaints about Swift. They sensed his dry wit, his lack of pretension, and his compassion.

"He was a tough little guy with a heart of gold," Jack Edelstein, the longtime spotter on Eagles broadcasts, once said.

If he were depressed or troubled in those days after the Eagles fell to 3-9 with the loss at Dallas, no one noticed.

Cowboys’ QB controversy history says decision needed soon - Star-Telegram

It was 10 years ago this week when coach Bill Parcells said “I’m going to start Romo” and Romo made his first NFL start. Romo Mania began and it did not cease until his famous trip to Cabo with Jessica Simpson before the 2007 NFC playoffs.

Ten years later, the Cowboys continue to quietly celebrate their “drafting genius,” having fallen face forward into Dak Prescott and DFW’s latest QB controversy. Now they must figure out what to do with Romo, who is all but ready to play after rehabbing from his latest back surgery.

Colts Q&A: Joe Haeg has dirt on Carson Wentz - IndyStar

Q: How close were you to Carson Wentz at North Dakota State?

A: We’re still pretty close. We weren’t roommates but we lived two doors down from each other our freshman year. We redshirted together. We still keep in touch all the time.

Q: What’s it like to see him blowing up with the Eagles?

A: It’s kind of weird. It started during the draft process. I’m surprised but I’m also not surprised. I think everyone’s pretty happy to see all the success he’s having.

Q: Finally, tell us something we don’t know about Carson.

A: I have so much dirt, but I don’t know if I can tell anyone. I can say we used to wrestle a lot in the dorms. We would get a little too into “NBA 2K11.” When I would play him in “Madden” I just could not beat him. He’s always reading coverages and doing all this stuff. Like, who does that? But in 2K, I could destroy him. But just in that game. We got into it a couple of times – jokingly, of course.

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