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JaCorey Shepherd and Darrell Greene swapped again, are the same person

We’re all just dust in the wind.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Minicamp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

The Eagles announced Monday morning they have signed CB JaCorey Shepherd to the practice squad and released G Darrell Greene from the practice squad.

This is the third time in the last 13 days the Eagles have swapped Shepherd and Greene on the practice squad.

On September 21, they signed Shepherd and released Green. On September 27, they reversed the move. Now, on October 3, they revert to the first move.

Maybe Shepherd and Greene are the same person.

Shepherd, of course, was a 6th round pick by the Eagles in 2015, and was ticketed for the team’s starting nickel position last year before he suffered an ACL injury in the preseason.

Greene was an undrafted free agent from this past spring’s NFL Draft. He played at San Diego State; when the Eagles signed him for the summer, they paid him the most guaranteed money of any 2016 UDFA.

In my post about the second move, I asked whether it could be related to an impending Lane Johnson suspension. Still maybe? But I doubt it.

I also asked, “who cares?” Now I care. I care so much about these moves. I want to know the impetus behind each one. I need to know the conspiracy behind Howie Roseman’s incessant swapping of two meaningless players, neither of whom will see the field this season. Who is pulling Roseman’s strings? Is he having a horrible case of short-term memory loss, where he can’t remember that he’s already made the same move twice? WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD HOWIE WHAT IS HAPPENING. SOMEONE GET HIM A GLASS OF WATER.

Until the next time they sign Darrell Greene and release JaCorey Shepherd, the Eagles’ practice squad looks like this:

FB Andrew Bonnet, LB Don Cherry, RB Byron Marshall, QB Aaron Murray, C/G Aaron Neary, CB JaCorey Shepherd, DT Aziz Shittu, CB C.J. Smith, WR Paul Turner and WR David Watford.

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