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Eagles news: Playing in Dallas “doesn’t feel like an away game”

News and notes for 10/28

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Jordan Matthews: Dallas 'cool place to play' - Inquirer

“Dallas is a cool place to play,” Matthews said. “It’s like a concert. It’s crazy. Half of the time we go, it doesn’t feel like an away game. It feels like this big hoopla. It’s crazy, because the Eagles fans travel like crazy to that game. Cowboys fans are going to be there. They’re fighting each other. Then you’ve got tourists there because they just want to see Jerry World. And then there’s this big TV that’s as big as like three cities.

"So there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on, so half the time, I think the DBs don’t even notice me running around.”

Eagles’ Plan vs. Dallas: Make Dak Prescott Beat Us - Philly Mag

According to Malcolm Jenkins, Dallas’ run game is similar to Washington’s, which gave the Eagles a lot of trouble in their Week 5 loss. Philadelphia allowed 33 carries for 230 yards (7.0 yards per rush) and one touchdown in that 27-20 defeat.

“If they get you cut out of a gap, that ball is downhill immediately, so you don’t have time to make up for that mistake. That was one of the things that gave us trouble in Washington is somebody gets cut out of a gap and then we get gashed,” Jenkins said. “They run a lot of crack toss, as well. They don’t just line up in the formation that tells you crack toss. They’ll motion to it and do anything to disguise it and all of a sudden the ball is on the edge. We’re going to have to be very disciplined, especially when you talk about our run fits.”

Donovan McNabb to Carson Wentz: 'Don't ride the wave' - ESPN

“I’ve said this from the very beginning, that I still felt the decision that was made of moving up and drafting a guy after you just paid Sam Bradford that money, it sends a bad message to Sam, it sends a bad message to everyone, because it’s confusing. And when they decided, after they said Sam was going to be the starter, in the last preseason game, to trade Sam to Minnesota, it’s kind of like, I don’t get it,” McNabb said during a conversation with ESPN. “But now, what he’s been showing is the fact that it was the right move. They have a quarterback for the future if he continues to stay healthy, if he continues to progress. I like what I’m seeing from him in the pocket. He has the ability to use his legs. But you can definitely tell there’s a bright future with this kid.”

Hart happy to be back with Eagles - Daily News

TAYLOR HART figured he might be headed for the Eagles' practice squad when the Birds cut him back in early September, but he was picked up on waivers by San Francisco. Last weekend, the 49ers had some injury problems and needed to make a roster move, so they released Hart, with the idea he would land on their practice squad. The Eagles claimed him.

In Hart's case, the waiver wire has been more of a coast-to-coast shuttle.

"You really have no idea. Whoever claims you, that's where you go," Hart said. "Obviously, this is where I started. I loved being with the Eagles. I'm happy."

As book on him grows, Cowboys' Dak Prescott has to show staying power - ESPN

Prescott has seven touchdown passes and just one interception. The rookie set an NFL record for most passes to start a career without an interception (176). He leads the NFL in Total QBR at 82.9. He has the fifth-best passer rating.

After six starts, the surprise is over.

“I’ve got to stay ahead [of the defense] regardless, no matter what number of games this is in my season or in my career,” Prescott said. “That’s what’s gotten me to this level: It’s preparing, watching the defenses, and that’s what I’ll continue to do.”

In 2006, Romo went 5-1 in his first six starts, propelling the Cowboys to a playoff spot. He threw 10 touchdown passes and was intercepted just four times. In his next four starts, the Cowboys went 1-3 and Romo had six touchdowns with six interceptions.

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