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Doug Pederson: “No legitimacy” to WR trade rumors

“Every team’s trying to upgrade.”

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Pederson said Wednesday morning that the rumors about the Eagles wanting to trade for Torrey Smith or Alshon Jeffery are off, for now.

“There is no legitimacy to that,” Pederson said when asked about the legitimacy of the reports. “I’m thrilled with the guys we have.”

Then he was asked again about the team’s desire to upgrade their position players. His second answer was slightly different.

“When you say upgrade, every team’s trying to upgrade every position if you could,” Pederson said. “But not at this time.”

Pederson has been largely honest with the media this year, so there’s little reason to believe he would be openly lying to reporters.

His second answer added a qualifier that could prove valuable if the Eagles do indeed make a move before the deadline. Of course the Eagles are looking to upgrade at wide receiver. If they get a favorable offer, they will absolutely act on it.

For him to say they’re not looking to make a move right now — semantics! — doesn’t necessarily mean too much, when the deadline is still a week away.

Pederson was asked about his level of comfort with his current wide receivers, and their ability to stretch the field.

“Nelson [Agholor] can stretch it, Josh [Huff] can stretch it,” Pederson said. “I think it’s protection, design of the play.” He also mentioned Bryce Treggs as a player who can be impactful deep.

We’ll continue to monitor the possible trade situations. You know, just to be safe.

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