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Power rankings round up: Eagles in the top 10

Eagles bounce back on and off the field

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Eagles knocked off one of the best teams in the league. How did the media feel about it? Perhaps not as much as you would think.

SBNation - 8th (last week: 11th)

Even a 21-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles isn’t enough to sell your stock in the Minnesota Vikings. Yes, Sam Bradford threw an interception and fumbled four times on six sacks, and those are bad signs for the team after losing Matt Kalil and Andre Smith. But the Eagles are among the league’s best at getting to the quarterback and gave Ben Roethlisberger a rough day in Week 3.

ESPN - 12th (last week: 15th)

The Eagles have one offensive touchdown in their past two games. Their defense has one touchdown in that span, and their special teams unit has two. It's never a bad thing to get points from defense and special teams, but QB Carson Wentz needs to start moving the ball again, especially at Dallas in Week 8. - 7th (last week: 13th)

When you win, you can pull off a blazer like this with a Hanes three-for-five-bucks V-neck T-shirt. While Carson Wentz will continue to have praise heaped on him in scoops, it was the Eagles' defense that reasserted its will on Sunday. After a subpar outing in Washington, Philly's defense forced four turnovers while holding the Vikings to 282 yards. Through six games, Jim Schwartz's defense has allowed 81 offensive points. That's 13.5 per game, folks.

Yahoo - 12th (last week: 14th)

Lost in the excitement of a big win against Minnesota was that Carson Wentz had his worst game as a pro. He had just 138 yards, a short touchdown pass and two interceptions for a 52.4 rating.

Fox Sports - 12th (last week: 15th)

The Eagles came away with their second seriously impressive win of the year, topping the Vikings at home by forcing Minnesota into a handful of uncharacteristic turnovers. Carson Wentz still hasn’t been as sharp as he was in the first few games, but there’s little reason to be concerned with the rookie so long as he improves his footwork a bit.

Pro Football Talk - 13th (last week: 15th)

Shrugging off a couple of losses and three first-quarter turnovers from Carson Wentz, the Eagles have re-established themselves as an unlikely postseason contender.

Bleacher Report - 8th (last week: 12th)

Big defensive plays?

Special teams touchdowns?

Just enough offense?

Props to coach Doug Pederson for figuring out the best way to beat the Vikings is to be the Vikings. It wasn't pretty, but not much with a rookie quarterback is.

Especially when that rookie quarterback throws two gimme interceptions deep in Vikings territory. But hats off to Carson Wentz; he blocked out those mistakes.

Brandon Graham and Co. made Sam Bradford's homecoming just as uncomfortable. They dominated the line of scrimmage, especially on the edge with two replacement Vikings tackles.

Throw in a big return from Josh Huff, and this Eagles team is back to being dangerous.

Last week the Eagles averaged 14th in these rankings, but after beating the Vikings moved up 4 spots to an average of 10th. That might seem a little low to some, but it is about right. Teams generally move up four or five spots after a good win, and considering the Eagles were coming off of two bad losses, a 4 spot improvement is fair.

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