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NFL Power Rankings Week 7

Wins! Losses! Ties!

NFL: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

1 New England Patriots (last week: 3)

Rematch against the Bills this week. Take the over.

2 Seattle Seahawks (last week: 2)

The Seahawks seem to be playing to the level of their competition, in the case of Sunday, quite literally.

3 Dallas Cowboys (last week: 5)

Dak Prescott continued to not turn the ball over by being on the bye.

4 Minnesota Vikings (last week: 1)

Sunday demonstrated that the Vikings will go only as far as their defense will take them. But the five previous games showed that could be really far.

5 Kansas City Chiefs (last week: 6)

Against a porous Saints defense, the only pass plays of over 20 yards by the Chiefs were to running backs. That’s not going to get them far in January.

6 Denver Broncos (last week: 10)

Brock Osweiler taking the money in Houston was the best move for the Broncos.

7 Atlanta Falcons (last week: 4)

Remember last year when the Falcons got off to a ridiculous start then finished 8-8? They were 6-1 this time last year. Now they’re 4-3.

8 Philadelphia Eagles (last week: 14)

The Eagles schedule is formidable going forward, but considering they have walloped the two best teams they’ve played, that’s good?

9 Arizona Cardinals (last week: 11)

Well, we can definitively say the Cardinals are an evenly matched team with the Seahawks. But can we?

10 Oakland Raiders (last week: 12)

Raiders are on track to win 10+ games with a lousy defense and running game. Derek Carr isn’t the MVP of the league but he deserves some honorable mentions.

11 Buffalo Bills (last week: 7)

With 14:00 to go against the Dolphins, the Bills Win Expectancy was at 83%. Ten minutes of game time later the Dolphins had the lead. But Rob Ryan’s job is safe.

12 Washington Redskins (last week: 8)

13 Pittsburgh Steelers (last week: 9)

The Steelers played the Patriots and did so with Landry Jones, in either case they never had a chance.

14 Detroit Lions (last week: 16)

Despite a career year from Matthew Stafford, every Lions game has been decided by a touchdown or less. They’ll either get red hot or it’ll all fall apart.

15 Green Bay Packers (last week: 15)

No bonuses for beating Matt Barkley.

16 New York Giants (last week: 18)

The Giants defense is so bad that it took a loss to them for the Rams to maybe consider possibly playing Jared Goff. But hey, they won.

17 Cincinnati Bengals (last week: 19)

Eh, they beat the Browns. Nothing to see here.

18 San Diego Chargers (last week: 22)

Joey Bosa is a wrecking ball, which means the Chargers have like 4 good players. But man are they good.

19 Houston Texans (last week: 13)

Brock Osweiler taking the money in Houston was the worst move of the offseason.

20 Indianapolis Colts (last week: 21)

Colts on track to win the AFC South with a 7-9 record. Which will keep Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson around for another season.

21 Miami Dolphins (last week: 24)

Ryan Tannehill threw for 204 yards and 1 TD. It was his most efficient game of the season.

22 New Orleans Saints (last week: 17)

The Saints are 0-2 when they give up less than 30 points. They’re 2-2 when they give up 30+. Weird.

23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week: 27)

Jacquizz Rodgers and some guy named Peyton Barber ran for 238 yards on 38 carries, but since it was against the 49ers that might qualify as a disappointment.

24 New York Jets (last week: 29)

Remember the Ryan Fitzpatrick contract saga in the summer? He threw 11 interceptions in 6 starts and is upset he got benched. What a waste of time. Oh and they actually won.

25 Baltimore Ravens (last week: 20)

They lost to the Jets.

26 Jacksonville Jaguars (last week: 23)

The Jaguars had the Raiders at 4th and 24. The Raiders punter fumbled the snap. He ran for a first down. That’s the Jags.

27 Tennessee Titans (last week: 25)

Taylor Lewan caught a 10 yard touchdown for the first score of the game. The Titans probably spent all week practicing that play, which would explain why they then gave up 17 straight points and lost to the lousy Colts.

28 Los Angeles Rams (last week: 26)

The Rams had a “home game” in London that kicked off at 6:30 am local time. And you wonder why no one in LA cared about the NFL.

29 Carolina Panthers (last week: 28)

Hey they didn’t lose this week! They were on their bye.

30 Chicago Bears (last week: 30)

Their Color Rush jerseys looked good. That’s something.

31 San Francisco 49ers (last week: 31)

Chip Kelly kicked a FG down 17 in the 4th quarter. Quitter.

32 Cleveland Browns (last week: 32)

The Browns have tanked for a QB and there’s no one in this year’s draft that looks to be worth it.

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