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The Eagles have the hardest remaining schedule in the NFL

And it’s not close.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The SB Nation NFL editors have an email thread that runs all day and all night. We’re pretty much the coolest kids on the block. (No we’re not.)

Yesterday, the thread delved a bit into Strength of Schedule discussion, and Jeff Hunter of Buffalo Rumblings, SB Nation’s delightful Bills site, decided to put together the remaining Strength of Schedule rankings for the entire league. Guess who’s got it the worst?

Your Philadelphia Eagles, of course!

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The Eagles’ next seven games are against either certifiably GOOD teams, or division rivals. It’s always been viewed as the toughest portion of their season, and one of the toughest stretches any team will face this year.

But look at the margin by which the Eagles’ remaining SOS is the hardest in the league! They’re a whole .042 ahead of anyone else in the league.

It doesn’t help when you have five division games left, and your division is (seriously, WTF?) the best in the league.

Here’s how the NFC East’s SOS shakes out:

Eagles: .656 (1st)
Cowboys: .536 (10th)
Washington: .508 (11th)
Giants: .475 (18th)

So, yeah. Doug Pederson and the Eagles are up against it if they want to make the playoffs, even as a wild card.

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