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Dak Prescott is better than Tom Brady and everyone hates Odell Beckham Jr.

Don’t count out Touchdown Dak

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Hindsight is a gift. Without it we would not be able to determine that the Panthers were idiots for letting Josh Norman go, and that the Redskins were idiots for thinking Josh Norman would turn their defense around. Or that the Eagles were wise to trade one of their corner backs and idiots to trade one of their corner backs. Or that the Giants head coach Ben McAdoo would struggle with every day things. No wait, we knew that. But now we have the clarity to know that hindsight is right, as it always is.

Dallas Cowboys (5-1)

Last week: Beat the Packers 30-16 as the Aaron Rodgers Sadness Tour continued

This week: Dak Prescott is assured to not have a turnover as the Cowboys are on their bye

Sure the Cowboys looked foolish when they were unable to draft Carson Wentz and then got beat out on trades for Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook and had to settle for Dak Prescott. But that was then. Now, they look like geniuses for drafting him and then having both Tony Romo and Kellen Moore suffer major injuries behind their offensive line.

Yes, more important than Trent Green’s knee bending backwards, which launched one of the most explosive offenses in the league and a Super Bowl victory due to an MVP season from Kurt Warner. It’s already better than that, and we haven’t even gotten to the part where the Cowboys make Tony Romo the starter and bench NFL record holder Dak Prescott.

And really, comparing Prescott to Warner is insulting to Prescott. He’s better than that. He’s better than Tom Brady. I don’t know about you, but when I think of NFL records, I’m overwhelmed with the sheer volume of records that are cherished like no other. Records like BenJarvis Green-Ellis’ Most Consecutive Rushing Attempts With No Fumbles To Start A Career, or Wes Welker’s Most Punt Returns Without A Touchdown In A Career, or Dak Prescott’s Most Pass Attempts Without An Interception To Start A Career, which was previously held by Tom Brady. I love those records, they really roll off the tongue.

Washington Redskins (4-2)

Last week: Kyle Cousins defeated another team with a winning record*

*the winning record part only matters at the end of the season

This week: Visit Detroit because the league is making them

The Redskins are red hot. They’ve won four in a row and are firing on all cylinders. On offense, they’re operating like a machine: Kenny Cousins threw a really bad interception, Jay Gruden force fed DeSean Jackson to placate him and their most effective running back was not the guy they started. On defense they once again let a team that should have had no business being in a position to tie or win the game in position to tie or win the game late in the 4th quarter. This is the game plan that got them a division title in 2015 and it just might get them to 9-7 again!

Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)

Last week: we’re not going to talk about it

This week: Host the Vikings in a re-enactment of Christians vs lions

Great news Eagles fans: Carson Wentz is the real deal! Rookie QBs don’t just walk in an carry an NFL offense like he has. The team can’t run, can’t catch and now they can’t block, but the offense is scoring 24 points a game. That’s unbelievably good for a rookie FCS QB. Carson Wentz is the next Andrew Luck.

Bad news Eagles fans: Carson Wentz is the next current edition Andrew Luck, who has gone 10-12 since last year because the Colts have no supporting cast. Good luck (pun not intended) against the Vikings!

New York Giants (3-3)

Last week: Scored more points than the Ravens

This week: Travel to LA in a box score (NY vs LA) that the rest of the country couldn’t give a crap about

Like the Eagles, the Giants are a one-man team. Unlike the Eagles, the rest of the team absolutely hates that one guy.

A day after the star receiver had a career game and provoked social media reaction, the first-year coach didn’t seem amused by his behavior. Beckham almost single-handedly lifted the Giants to a 27-23 comeback win over the Ravens with two long touchdown catches, but his sideline antics didn’t resonate with McAdoo. Nor did the unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty Beckham incurred after the winning score, when he took off his helmet in the end zone.


And the whole kicking net thing, which seemed cute at first but was a bit too contrived Sunday, doesn’t sit well with the coach, either. Asked about Beckham’s using the net as a prop after both touchdowns — he pulled it over him after the first one, then bent on one knee and “proposed” to the net after the second — McAdoo offered a terse response.

“We need to keep our focus on the ballgame.”

Asked for further comment on Beckham’s antics, McAdoo said, “We, as a team, need to focus on the ballgame.”

and then...

Toomer would like to see Beckham think less about Beckham and more about his team.

“The definition of a teammate is putting the team ahead of you,” Toomer said. “Odell is highly emotional, but you have to keep it in perspective. You can earn the right to act the fool if you’re the best and you’re playing the best, but up until this past week, he wasn’t playing his best and his team had lost three straight games. Nobody should be showing out.”

When Chad Johnson did this kind of stuff, it was fun. When Terrell Owens did this kind of stuff, it was fun. When Odell Beckham, Jr. does this stuff, it’s an affront to humanity.

Yeah that’s how everyone feels about you Eli.

The Giants are going to run OBJ out of town and then half a season later be searching for answers as to why their offense can’t move the ball.

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