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Howie Roseman is addicted to practice squad moves and needs help

This is an intervention.

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Today, at 12:09 PM EST, the Eagles made another practice squad move.

The Eagles signed CB Duke Thomas and LB Don Cherry to the practice squad and released FB Andrew Bonnet and G Darrell Greene from the practice squad.

We have officially reached crisis mode. Howie Roseman has made seven practice squad moves in the last 21 days.

It’s time for an intervention.

Here goes.


Dear Howie,

At first, your moves only came once a week. We were okay with that. It was a bit of a nuisance, but plenty of healthy general managers make a move each week. It wasn’t a cause for concern.

But in the past eight days, your behavior has become erratic.

Eight days ago, you signed JaCorey Shepherd to the practice squad and released Darrell Greene from the practice squad.

Four days later, you signed Darrell Greene and Matt Rotheram to the practice squad, and released Don Cherry and JaCorey Shepherd from the practice squad

Today, you signed Duke Thomas and Don Cherry to the practice squad and released Andrew Bonnet and Darrell Greene from the practice squad.

We’re repeating these things for your own good, Howie. You need to realize what you’re doing.

Think about the damage you’re doing to the people around you, Howie. Can you imagine how bewildered Darrell Greene is going to be today as he leaves the NovaCare Complex and isn’t greeted by JaCorey Shepherd’s smile? You did that, Howie. Your recklessness put Shepherd in harm’s way, and now he’s all the way across the country, toiling in up-tempo hell.

You’re affecting lives here, sir. You need to take a breather, step back, and evaluate a few things. We know 2015 was hard on you. You love transactions. You live for these things, and you couldn’t make any for an entire season. That can’t be easy, so we don’t want to come down too hard on you.

But c’mon, man. Think about someone other than yourself. Think about the people who love you.

Let us help you.

Put the phone down.

And love your team the way it is.

We’re here for you, man.


Bleeding Green Nation

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