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Eagles news: Doug Pederson believes in his team

Eagles news and notes for 10/11

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

To the (encouraging) news...

Did Doug Pederson just take a veiled shot at Chip Kelly? - Philly Voice

But then, he segued into talking about the toughness his team showed to battle back from an early 21-7 deficit despite some calls not going there way ... and it sure sounded like he was taking a shot at his predecessor, Chip Kelly.

"I think that how we came back in this game, you know, I think it shows the character of this football team and where we are from even a year ago," Pederson said. "I think this game a year ago got out of hand and it got shut down, they got blown out. This group didn't do that yesterday. This group was resilient; this group battled. The sideline was calm. They were — whatever adversity came our way, they were able to overcome it. ... So it’s the sign of a good football team."

Pederson and Wentz deserve props despite loss - Daily News

The start of this game had reality check written all over it.

A blowout loss to Detroit would have erased all the positive vibes achieved from beating Pittsburgh and put the legitimacy of the Eagles back into doubt.

These are the kind of moments when the spotlight shines hottest on the coach and the quarterback. These are moments when everyone looks at them to see if they have the chops to do what needs to be done.

Short of calling it a moral victory, you have to admit that Pederson and Wentz did well.

Pederson adjusted.

The Wentz Wagon Hits a Detroit Pothole - Vice

Yes, both the Eagles' undefeated streak and Wentz's record-threatening interceptionless streak are over. Expectations will be a little more reasonable for both going forward, but it's far from panic time. The Eagles were on the road against a desperate, talented team—and at 3-1, they're still in great position going into a critical four-week stretch that features three division games.

The Wentz Wagon hasn't blown a tire or busted an axle, it's just hit a pothole—and as bad as Detroit potholes can be, this wagon should still carry the Eagles pretty far.

Carson Wentz's improvisational skills are outstanding - Philly Voice

A season ago, Eagles receivers often didn't get open. The consensus feeling is that the Eagles' receivers, while still not world beaters by any stretch, have played better this year.

Have they, though? Or is the quarterback just doing a better job of "throwing them open?" I lean heavily toward the latter.

The Eagles are no longer unbeaten, but the big picture takeaway is that Wentz showed once again on Sunday that he is as savvy as a rookie quarterback gets.

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