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Carson Wentz has been very effective against the blitz

You can’t ruffle his feathers.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

According to good friend Tim McManus of ESPN, and the worldwide leader’s boundless stats team, Carson Wentz continued to be an absolute stud against the blitz on Sunday.

Sure, the Lions didn’t have Ezekiel Ansah at their disposal on Sunday. Still, Wentz completed 91.6 percent of his passes and threw two touchdowns against the Detroit blitz. That’s not bad. Not bad at all.

I went back and watch all 12 of Detroit’s blitzes, and actually saw Wentz go 10 for 12 instead of 11 for 12. I could’ve missed something, or mis-diagnosed a blitz, so if you see a mistake here, please let me know.

I’ve grouped Wentz’s plays into the categories below.

Quick throws (6)

This is where most of Wentz’s throws fall, which makes sense when you’re facing more rushers than usual. He doesn’t have the luxury of time on these plays, and Wentz recognizes the need to get the ball out of his hands.

This is a good, quick read for a first down:

This is a good, quick-enough read for six yards:

This is a very quick read, by design, for a big gain:

This is just a case of “gotta get the ball out of here!” :

I really like this quick toss to Matthews. Identifies the blitz early and is on target:

This is a pretty comfortable, quick read to Burton:

Impressive plays (2)

These plays impressed me more than the average completion against the blitz. On these plays, Wentz does something extraordinary and makes the play his own. Good stuff.

This was the Lions’ first blitz of the day. Wentz does a superb job of moving in the pocket, getting his feet right, and delivering a good pass to Mathews, who has space to operate and pick up yardage:

Again, Wentz does a great job operating in a closing space, climbs the pocket, and delivers a good ball to Dorial Green-Beckahm for a huge first down, on third down, deep into the red zone:

Touchdowns (2)

Points! Not much to say here; they were both very short throws.

The pass to Mathews was very easy, and he kind of short-armed it, but it counts:

This pass to Huff was a pretty great ball, on a strange angle:

Incompletions (2)

Not Wentz’s best pass, but with a rusher in his face, it’s not his worst, either. Burton should probably make the play, but his man did a good job of disrupting the catch. All around, the Lions just win this play:

This was the Lions’ last blitz of the day. A little bit of pass interference? Yeah, probably. But Wentz’s pass here is less than ideal. He needs to get it out earlier, and more on the outside of his receiver.

Overall, Carson Wentz is looking really good against the blitz through four weeks, which is as good a sign as any that he has staying power in this league.

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