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Eagles News: Randall Cunningham will be inducted into College Football Hall of Fame class 2016

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/9/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Randall Cunningham (as a punter!) and 15 others in 2016 College Football Hall of Fame class - SB Nation
Cunningham is officially designated as a punter and not as the dual-threat quarterback he became known as in the NFL, thanks to the Hall of Fame's eligibility requirements. Players are only available for nomination if they've been named a first-team All-American by a major publication. Since Cunningham's AA nods came after averaging 45.1 yards per punt in 1983 and 1984, he'll go down in the Hall's rolls as one of the highest-scoring punters in NCAA history. He threw for 8,290 yards and 61 touchdowns in three seasons at UNLV before becoming a two-time NFL MVP with the Philadelphia Eagles. He had 20 punts -- including a 91-yarder -- in his professional career.

A list of 10 players the Eagles could consider with their first round pick - PhillyVoice
Like Lynch above, Wentz is big, he has a good arm, he's surprisingly athletic, and he has a good feel for the game. I also like Wentz's release more than Lynch's, but I think Lynch has an edge on accuracy. Also like Lynch (but even more so), Wentz will encounter concerns about the level of competition he faced at North Dakota State. We did a thorough review of Wentz's overall game about a month ago. Wentz had his season interrupted by a broken bone in his wrist on his throwing arm, but he'll compete at the Senior Bowl in a few weeks. I reserve the right to eradicate Wentz from this list after taking a long look at him down in Mobile, AL, but my guess is that he'll fare just fine down there

Gase seems to be the anti-Kelly - Inquirer
"Here's our offense. We run the 'See Coast offense,' " Kelly said during his first season with the Eagles. "If we see something, OK, and we like it, and we think it fits, we're going to run it." Some of the best offensive minds cater their scheme to the skill set of their players and to counter defenses on a weekly basis. That is in essence what Kelly meant by "See Coast." But there are also coaches who have their systems and generally stick to them as they go about finding talent to match. Kelly ended up being more of the latter. His offense changed with each quarterback, in particular the passing game, but he never abandoned tempo as the foundation. There were games when he effectively altered his scheme to take advantage of a defense, but there were more examples of Kelly's sticking to his base plays, all in the name of keeping his foot on the gas.

Coaching Candidate All-22: Gase’s Adaptability - Birds 24/7
Much has been made about Adam Gase’s adaptability. Whether you talk to his former players or media members who have covered him, it’s one of the first things they’ll mention. Sure, he helped the Broncos win a playoff game with Tim Tebow starting, but how much can you actually attribute that to the quarterbacks coach? Peyton Manning had the best statistical season for a quarterback ever when Gase was his offensive coordinator, but wasn’t Manning probably most responsible for that? And now, as the Bears offensive coordinator, Gase helped Jay Cutler achieve a career-high passer rating, but Chicago ranked just 17th in offensive points per drive this season, per Football Outsiders.

Agent Games - Iggles Blitz
I don’t know anything for a fact, but it sure feels like Adam Gase’s agent is using the media to create a sense of desperation in regard to his client. The Eagles were the team that loved his client so suddenly he wanted the Dolphins (and others) to fear losing him. Now it is the Dolphins who might sign Gase so the Eagles (and others) need to fear losing him. This happens until someone makes a good enough offer. Gase’s agent is Jimmy Sexton. He will play games with the media when it helps his client. This feels like one of those times. I could be wrong, but it just feels that way.

A totally real Eagles-related offseason wish list - CSN Philly
Someone suggested this on Twitter. They need a coach and they might need a quarterback. Boom. Two-for-one pricing. Who doesn’t love a bargain? Plus, for everyone who remembers Pederson’s stellar on-field service under Andy Reid, the guy must have improved with age (and stasis). I couldn’t be more onboard with the concept. You know who’s not onboard with it? Reuben Frank. He saw the Twitter interaction and explained that the CBA doesn’t allow player/coaches. Roob hates fun and democracy and also puppies. Side note: He adopted a communist cat from North Korea and named it Kim Jong Underpants.

Where Are They Now? RB Correll Buckhalter -
Missing the entire 2002 campaign, Buckhalter came back with a solid season in 2003. Making five starts at halfback as part of the "Three-Headed Monster" with Brian Westbrook and Duce Staley, he rushed for 542 yards and scored nine touchdowns. His teammates voted for him to receive the annual Ed Block Courage Award, which honors players who exemplify commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage. "It meant a lot and just kind of confirmed to me that the progress that my teammates saw with me as far as my getting back from the injury, working hard and having a lot of success on the field," said Buckhalter. "It was almost like I picked up right where I left off after my rookie year."

Is Kirk Cousins running an illegal dogfighting operation out of his house? - SB Nation
All signs point to yes.

Eagles and NRG are working together to give away tickets, prize packs, and more
Check this out, Eagles fans! And stay tuned to BGN for more info on contests involving free tickets.

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