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Jason Peters rants about how he didn't make NFL All-Pro team, fires shots at Bengals player

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to this season, Jason Peters had made the AP All-Pro team in all but two years since 2007. He missed it in 2009, which was the year he got traded to Philadelphia and had to adjust to a new scheme. He also missed it in 2012 when he suffered an offseason injury and was forced to miss the whole season. Much to Peters' disapproval, the veteran offensive lineman also missed the cut this year. In fact, he only got one vote. And he is very upset about. Peters took to his Instagram account late on Friday evening to rant. First, here's the full transcript:

"Come on man this guy [Andrew Whitworth] is not better than me it must be  politics 1st team all pro bull Shit I take it personal eagle life"

"Man come on be real 1st team all pro who grades this stuff"

"Going to grind no matter what put any left tackle in Philly and see what happens withworth will not make in Philly"

"What u mean one bad year. Everybody call this a bad year grade me out and grade them I got hurt but didn't give up much as him come on man be real I play in philly"

"Real recognize real eagle life I am done"

The player Peters took a shot at is 34-year-old Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth. Peters obviously feels like he should be above him. For what it's worth, Whitworth ranks 4th out of 76 tackles by Pro Football Focus while Peters ranks 13th.

Peters also seems to disagree he struggled in 2015. The 33-year-old was in and out of the lineup due to injuries for most of the season and it noticeably impacted his performance. According to PFF, Peters allowed five sacks (tied for 22nd most out of 76) and seven quarterback hits (tied for 15th most out of 76). He was penalized a total of 11 times, with three flags declined or off-setting. That ranks sixth most of any tackle. Despite these struggles, Peters was still elected to the 2016 Pro Bowl.

It couldn't be any more clear Peters doesn't believe he's in decline. After the Eagles-Giants season finale, Peters scoffed at the idea of moving to guard. "Who are they going to put in there that's better than me?" he asked.

Peters, who reportedly has a degenerative condition, might think he's still Philadelphia's best option, but they might not feel the same way. The veteran can be cut for over a savings of $6.2 million this offseason.

Visual of Peters' rant below:

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