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NFL odds favor Adam Gase, Pat Shurmur to be next Eagles head coach

Who are you betting on?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Do you have a feeling who the Philadelphia Eagles might hire to be their next head coach? Do you feel confident enough to bet on it? I don't recommend you do that, but if you want to ... now you can. Bovada released odds on Eagles head coaching candidates. Here's a look:

Adam Gase - 3/1
Pat Shurmur - 3/1
Sean McDermott - 6/1
Doug Pederson - 6/1
Paul Guenther - 7/1
Hue Jackson - 7/1
Matt Patricia - 7/1
Tom Coughlin - 9/1

As you can see, Gase and Shurmur are strongly favored at the top. It makes sense that Gase is favored. He's one of only three candidates the Eagles have officially interviewed so far, and he's already scheduled to visit for a second interview this weekend.

Some might be surprised to see Shurmur favored so high. Like Gase, the Eagles interim head coach is one of the three candidates so far to get an interview.

McDermott and Pederson are next up after Gase and Shurmur. So far there's no indication the Eagles are going to interview McDermott. Maybe that could change. The Eagles are reportedly interested in Pederson but there's been no word (yet) of him actually earning an interview.

Bengals assistants Geunther and Jackson can't interview until after the Bengals' game on Saturday. Jackson hasn't been connected to the Eagles but Tim McManus had this to say about Guenther, who is a native of Richboro, PA:

And then the odds list Tom Coughlin with a chance, which is funny. Just can't see that.


Elsewhere around the NFL, former Eagles head coach is favored to be hired by the 49ers.

And then completely unrelated to the coaching search, there's this:

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